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Welcome to a year of wonderful discovery!!!

Our upcoming classes...

Friday, September 7th, Day 1 - Introduction and definition of Western Art Music

Monday the 10th, Day 2 - Greek and non-Catholic Traditions

Tuesday the 11th, Day 3- Greek and non-Catholic Traditions, followed by Song of the Earth

Wednesday the 12th, Day 4 - QUIZ on definition of Western Art Music and Greek and non-Catholic Traditions, followed by Song of the Earth

Thursday the 13th, Day 5 - Plainsong

Friday the 14th, Day 6 - Mass & Offices

Monday the 17th, Day 7 - Key Figures

Tuesday the 18th, Day 1 - Geography and Form

Wednesday the 19th, Day 2 - Notation

Thursday the 20th, Day 3 - Living the Liturgy

Friday the 21st, Day 4 - QUIZ on Plainsong, followed by Living the Liturgy

Monday the 24th, Day 5 - Secular Song

Tuesday the 25th, Day 6 - Secular Song

Wednesday the 26th, Day 7 - The Journey and the Labyrinth

Thursday the 27th, Day 1 - The Journey and the Labyrinth

Friday the 28th - Walk-A-Thon, no classes

Monday, October 1st, Day 2 - Early Polyphony

Tuesday the 2nd, Day 3 - Early Polyphony

Wednesday the 3rd, Day 4 - St. Francis as Troubadour 

Thursday the 4th, Day 5 - Happy Feast Day!  Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Friday the 5th - Feast of St. Francis Observed, no classes

Monday the 8th - Columbus Day, no classes

Tuesday the 9th, Day 6 - QUIZ on Secular Song and Early Polyphony, followed by Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Wednesday the 10th, PSAT etc., no classes.

Thursday the 11th, Day 7 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail, followed by completing worksheet 

Friday, October 12th, Day 1 - REVIEW for EXAM on definition of Western Art Music, Greek and non-Catholic Traditions, Plainsong, Secular Song, and Early Polyphony

Monday, October 15th, Day 2 - EXAM

Tuesday, October 16th, Day 3 - Ars Antiqua

Wednesday, October 17th, Day 4 - Venice

Thursday, October 18th, Day 5 - Ars Nova

Friday, October 19th, Day 6 - Ars Nova

Monday, October 22nd, Day 7 - QUIZ on the Ars Antiqua and the Ars Nova, followed by the 15th c.

Tuesday, October 23rd, Day 1 - The 15th c.

Wednesday, October 24th, Day 2 - The 15th c.

Thursday, October 25th, Day 3 - REVIEW for EXAM on The Ars Antiqua, The Ars Nova, Venice, and the 15th c.

Friday, October 26th, Day 4 - EXAM

Monday, October 29th, Day 5 - The 16th c. 

Tuesday, October 30th, Day 6 - The 16th c.

Wednesday, October 31st, Day 7 - The 16th c.

Thursday, November 1st - All Saints' Day, no classes

Friday, November 2nd - Professional Day, no classes

Monday, November 5th, Day 1 - The 16th c.

Tuesday, November 6th, Day 2 - QUIZ on the 16th c., followed by Schutz

Wednesday, November 7th, Day 3 - J. S. Bach

Thursday, November 8th, Day 4 - J. S. Bach

Friday, November 9th, Day 5 - J. S. Bach

Monday, November 12th - Veterans Day Observed, no classes

Tuesday, November 13th, Day 6 - Prayer Service, followed by explanation of group projects, distribution of progress reports, and helping move banners

Wednesday, November 14th, Day 7 - Middle States Visit, no class

Thursday, November 15th, Day 1 - Handel

Friday, November 16th, Day 2 - Snow Nightmare

Monday, November 19th, Day 3 - Quiz on Bach, followed by Opera Lesson

Tuesday, November 20th, Day 4 - Handel

Wednesday, November 21st, Day 5 - TBD

Monday, November 26th, Day 6 - Quiz on Handel, followed by research

Tuesday, November 27th, Day 7 - Group Projects

Wednesday, November 28th, Day 1 - Haydn

Thursday, November 29th, Day 2 - Haydn

Friday, November 30th, Day 3 - REVIEW for EXAM on the 16th century, J.S. Bach, Handel, and Haydn.  Multiple choice, listening, and take home essay.

Monday, December 3rd, Day 4 - Amadeus

Tuesday, December 4th, Day 5 - Amadeus

Wednesday, December 5th, Day 6 - Amadeus

Thursday, December 6th, Day 7 - Amadeus, followed by study time

Friday, December 7th - Faculty and Staff Retreat, no classes

Monday, December 10th, Day 1 - EXAM

Tuesday, December 11th, Day 2 - W.A. Mozart

Wednesday, December 12th, Day 3 - W.A. Mozart

Thursday, December 13th, Day 4 - Beethoven

Friday, December 14th, Day 5 - Beethoven

Monday, December 17th, Day 6- Beethoven

Tuesday, December 18th, Day 7 - Salieri

Wednesday, December 19th, Day 1 - Symphonie Fantastique

Thursday, December 20th, Day 2 - Symphonie Fantastique

Friday, December 21st - Christmas Celebrations

Thursday, January 3rd, Day 3 - Berlioz

Friday, January 4th, Day 4 - Schubert

Monday, January 7th, Day 5- Schumann

Tuesday, January 8th, Day 6 - Brahms

Wednesday, January 9th, Day 7 - Brahms

Thursday, January 10th, Day 1 - Brahms' 4th Symphony

Friday, January 11th, Day 2 - REVIEW for EXAM on Mozart, Amadeus, Beethoven, Salieri, Berlioz

Monday, January 14th, Day 3- QUIZ on Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms

Tuesday, January 15th, Day 4 - Tchaikowsky 5th Symphony

Wednesday, January 16th, Day 5 - EXAM on Mozart, Amadeus, Beethoven, Salieri, Berlioz

Thursday, January 17th, Day 6 - Tchaikowsky

Friday, January 18th, Day 7 - end of quarter, Verdi