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Welcome to Earth Science with Mrs. Jimenez

This class makes use of google classroom for announcements, some notes, homework submissions, and other resources.

Students have access to google classroom.  Each student has a personal password.  We encourage the students to take responsibility for their own work so there is no parent-specific access.  However, if parents wish to check on our class page, they are welcome to ask their child for his/her password and instructions for how to view the page.  The teacher does not have the student passwords.  Parents, please do not post to google classroom on behalf of your child.  

There are a few items I'd like to share here, however, that are important as we begin the year:

1 - There is a strict absence policy in this class.  I want students to be aware of what they need to do about homework, notes, tests, or labs, when absent.  The details are part of the course guidelines, but I am also going to post the basics here as a quick reference for when the student has an absence.  It is important that these protocols are followed to avoid disappointment or misunderstanding.

2 - I post an extra help schedule each weekend to google classroom, usually Saturday.  It will include the days and times that I am available for the upcoming week for students to stop by for help.  These are not review sessions, but I can help any student who comes with questions or confusion about a given set of notes, worksheet questions, lab, etc.  These days and times will vary each week.  

*** In addition to the extra help schedule that I will post each weekend, the Earth Science Division at SFP, runs an extra help room for Earth Science students.  ANY student in Earth Science is welcome to stop by, but should understand that the teacher on duty will vary. It will often not be his/her actual teacher.  They are always welcome and encouraged to meet with different teachers.  They must go with questions, however, as this is not a "review class."  Unless otherwise posted, the extra help room this year will run on Tuesday afternoons from 2:50 - 3:15 p.m. in W017 and on Thursday mornings from 7:40-8:15 a.m.  Any cancellations will be posted to google classroom.

3 - I don't post a set of test "notes" but I will often help students by posting an outline of topics that will be on a given exam.   Once again, these outlines will be on google classroom.   The outlines help students to go through their notes, worksheets, and books to make sure they don't forget to study something.  They should be used like a checklist; they are not actually to be studied.  They are very important!  One of the main reasons that students do poorly on exams is that they "forget" to study older material.  They may know 3/4 of the material really well, but they must take care to study everything included in a given unit.


  • Course guidelines must be signed by student and parent DIGITALLY and submitted through google classroom by Tuesday, 9/11 at 8:25 a.m.  If a student has a technology issue, he/she must email me and see me on Monday 9/10 before school in W017 or after school quickly in my office W106A.  Tuesday is the emergency deadline and no exceptions will be made.  

  • Students should be signed up for google classroom by this first weekend of school.  If there is an issue, he/she should contact me by email ASAP explaining the issue.  Important items will be posted ONLY there starting on Monday, 9/10.   

  • Materials (with proper labeling) are due Wednesday, Day 4, 9/12.  See the handout about materials for further details.