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We had another good week working on the short stories.  My sense is that you are starting to feel comfortable in school: that is great.  I know quizzes, labs, tests, and projects are now coming.  Stay on top of and ahead of your work.  Go to extra help when you need it.  Be sure to keep asking questions.  Do your best.

We discussed "Lather and Nothing Else" and "Eleven."  People are doing good reading and making good comments:  great.  Keep it up.  With everything we read, get in the habit of writing on the story (in Notability or on your printed copy) and writing in your journal.  Doing those things will make you a better reader and writer.  As you read, ask yourself questions about what you think the author is trying to do and make you think.  Think deeply and broadly. This week, we will finish up our last two stories in this opening unit.  Enjoy them.  We will have a quiz on each one.

I gave you the first at-home writing assignment.  As I said, the first few assignments will be paragraphs. Use these assignments to sharpen your paragraph writing skills.  Look at the sheet I posted about what the paragraph must do. Keep those guidelines in mind for all the writing you do in all your classes.  For this assignment, write about a favorite activity and why you like it.  Explore and develop your ideas fully.  Use specific details to support your good ideas. Remember: you will hand this (and all writing assignments) in on paper.  You can type or write it; please double-space it either way.  Enjoy the process.  Do your best.

Be sure to get a copy of the novel Of Mice and Men, by Joh  Steinbeck for Wednesday, 6 October.  Have a paper copy.  There are many in our Library.  Please do not start it: just have the book for that day.  We will talk about it a little; then I will give you the first reading assignment.  It is a great book.

The assignments are below.  Use the schedule to help you to stay on top of your work.  As I said in class, create order for yourself.  That order will give you the freedom to do the things you want to do: to get a good education and do your best.

i will repeat these last two paragraphs: they are important.  You have been given a great opportunity to get a good education: make the most of it.  As Mr. McLaughlin said the first day, everything matters.  Work well; do your best. Once you feel settled, get involved in an activity at school. That will help you meet new people and feel connected to the school.  Start to make friends.  

Be sure you take care of all aspects of your life.  Wherever you are in your faith journey, take some time to talk to God every day.  Get outside safely and get exercise.  Be sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.  Eat healthful foods.  Treat everyone and all of Creation with dignity and respect.   And, of course, make your school work your priority.  Have a good week ahead.  Take care.  God bless us all.


** Have the homework completed for the day indicated.  In other words, when I say the homework is for Monday, that means have it ready for class on Monday.

MONDAY, 27 SEPTEMBERFinish reading "Raymond's Run" for class. Journal Suggestion: What happens in the story that makes Hazel (the narrator) change?
- We will have a quiz on the story in class and then discuss it.  I will check to see you did the journal writing.

TUESDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER: Read "The Gift of the Magi" for class. Journal Suggestion: Write about what you notice about the setting in the story and why it is important to the plot.
- We will have a quiz on the story.  I will check the journals.

WEDNESDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER: We will finish discussing "The Gift of the Magi" and this unit of short stories. We will talk about the writing assignment on these stories.
- Your paragraph is due today. Remember: you are handing it in on paper.
- I will give you the credentials for the Vocabulary app.

THURSDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER: We will start working on the first Vocabulary unit.
- We will begin some work on grammar.
** Today will be the Mass for the Feast of St. Francis.  You will participate in Cor through a broadcast on the Smart Boards.  This is an important day for us.  We honor faculty and staff members who have given service to the school for 15, 25, and 40 years.  Enjoy the day.  Celebrate.  Be good Franciscans.

FRIDAY, 1 OCTOBER: Today is a professional development day for the faculty and staff.  There are no classes: you have the day off.  Enjoy your holiday.  Use it to catch up and get ahead on work.

MONDAY, 4 OCTOBER: Today is the Feast of St. Francis.  You have the day off.

TUESDAY, 5 OCTOBER: Do the exercises for Vocabulary unit 1 for today: Completing the Sentence and Choosing the Right Word.  We will go over the words in class.
- We will continue our grammar work.

WEDNESDAY, 6 OCTOBER: Have a copy of Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, for class.  This is our first novel.  Do not start reading it: just have it.  There are copies in the Library.  We will talk about it a little and read some.  I will give you the first reading assignment.  It is a great book.

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