Course Requirements



Period D; D1-7; Room E-110B

Foreign Language Department (Room E116)

(718) 423 – 8810 (ext. 227)


Goals/ Objectives: 

 Students will improve their conversational skills in Spanish and practical knowledge about various topics including Current Events and Culture through an interactive task-based approach with the use of literature, articles, on-line resources, and other media.  Classroom and small group discussions or “tertulias” as well as debates will provide speaking practice to develop speaking fluency.  Certain verb tenses including the Conditional and Subjunctive tenses will be reviewed to improve communicative abilities.  Other language skills such as listening comprehension, reading, writing, and vocabulary building will further develop speaking fluency.       

 Behavior: Please be sure to follow all School policies and Class rules to insure a great learning experience for you and your fellow classmates.  You are to be in full dress code (solid black shoes, sneakers or boots- no heels; SFP pants, polo and approved sweatshirts-no hoods; and blue-Junior or red-Senior lanyards), be in your assigned seats before the bell rings, no eating or drinking, no disruptions, raise your hand when asking a question, keep the room clean and remain in your seat until the class has been officially dismissed.  No electronic devices, including iPads, are to be visible, except when instructed.  If any student is caught cheating and/or cutting my class, he/she will receive a 0% for that project and be issued an Honor Code Violation.  All required passes for lateness or absence must be presented in class.



  • either: Binder with pockets and looseleaf OR Notebook and Folder (folder/pockets are to contain handouts)
  • writing utensils (pens, pencils, highlighter)
  • fully-charged iPad(this should remain out of sight until otherwise instructed)
  • Wordreference, Quizlet/Flashcardlet (or any other flashcard app that you prefer)
  • Any other materials downloaded onto your iPad, which will be announced ahead of time throughout the year


Grading: Your grade will be calculated on PowerSchool as the average of the total points of all verbal participation, projects, and tests. There will be a rubric for all verbal projects and tests.  The department has established a NO FINAL EXAM policy.  You should check PowerSchool periodically. If there appears to be a problem or you have any questions, please advise me as soon as possible.  Extra credit is given via class activities.  There will be NO extra credit assignments.

 Homework: Homework will be assigned regularly to gather material for in-class discussions and projects.  This homework may include a review of your notes and the material covered during class.   Homework that must be submitted is to be completed and uploaded via Google classroom by 8:25 am on the due date to receive credit.  One point will be subtracted for each assignment not completed.  No credit is given for late daily homework.  I will call home should homework not be submitted on a regular basis to assure your progress.

Projects: Projects given in this course are all verbal in nature.  A rubric will be provided prior to the project due date in order to fully prepare.  These projects will be counted as 100 points of each quarter’s grade.  

Tests: Tests given in this course are all verbal in nature.  A rubric will be provided prior to each test in order to fully prepare.  At least four tests will be given each quarter.  All test dates will be announced with sufficient time for student preparation and after a complete review of the material to be tested.   Each test will be counted as 100 points of each quarter’s grade. 

Class Participation: This course will be conducted in Spanish.  It is of utmost importance that you interact and participate using the target language on a daily basis to master Spanish conversational skills.  Class participation will be counted as 100 points of each quarter’s grade.   Please feel free to ask any questions should you need assistance to effectively interact in Spanish in class. 

Make-Up Policy:  Class attendance at St. Francis Prep is a major priority. All students are required to complete all required work even if they are absent.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up ALL class work and homework you have missed.  A student must make up an examination on the day of return.  If not possible, the test must be taken within two (2) class days from the return of an absence. In all situations, please note that tests or quizzes must be made up no later than five (5) school calendar days from the day of a return from an absence or a grade of 0% will be given.  When absent, please see me to arrange make-up examinations immediately upon your return to school.      

Extra help: I am always available to any of my students who need additional instruction. Upon request, an appointment will be made to give extra help to a student during A and B Periods, Days (1-7).   If these periods conflict with the student’s schedule, alternate options will be arranged for the student’s convenience.

Parent/Teacher Conference:  A parent/guardian may contact me to discuss a student’s progress at the above telephone extension. Voice mail is available.  You may also e-mail me at the above e-mail address. 

Please sign and return this portion to Spanish Conversation- D class by Monday, D2, September 9, 2019.  Thank you.

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