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Google Classroom Codes:

ORANGE CLASS (B Period, 1, 4, 6) - scrov3r

PINK CLASS (G Period, 1, 5, 7) - 1whpkq

Course Requirements

Advanced Studio Art I: Honors

Mr. A. Biondolillo



This course fulfills 1/2 credit requirement toward the state requirement of 1 Fine Art credit. This course is designed to teach you the history and foundations of Visual Arts. You will experience a variety of materials and mediums that will take you from representational to more abstract expressions. We will learn about the lives of various artists and discover the sources of their inspiration. All projects are based on the Elements of Art. (Line, Shape, Value, Color, Form, Space, Texture).


Projects are evaluated on design (the understanding of the project), craft (the physical product) and concept (idea behind the project). There may be a variety of homework assignments such as sketches, research, supply gathering and written assignments leading up to each project.  All projects and homework must be submitted in a specified manner and within the specific time frame assigned by the teacher. Students will also be evaluated based on classroom performance and behavior, which includes preparedness and participation. 


  • All the official rules of St. Francis Prep as published in the school calendar apply to this class. This includes dress code, lateness, absences and the honor code.

Rule 1: Attendance and Lateness

-       Once the bell sounds you are not permitted to leave the room for any reason unless, permission is granted by the teacher. Do not ask the teacher for permission to go to your locker - the answer will always be no.

  •       Students are to remain seated for the duration of class unless granted permission by the teacher. When the bell sounds for the completion of class no one is to leave their seats until the instructor dismisses the 

  • Attendance/ lateness within the class on a daily bases. Students must come prepared and ready to work.

  • When the class meets during the hour period, first lunch will be given. This is the lunch period that runs from 11:35-12:00. The students MUST be in the classroom by the start of class that period,or will be considered late, and the rule-breaking disciplines will apply. If the teacher feels that the classwork will be severely interrupted by allowing the students lunch at this time, last lunch will be given, and the teacher will generally notify students of this prior to that day of class. In the event that many students are repeatedly late, or their performance has suffered because of the first lunch break time, the teacher will permanently assign the students last lunch period. 
  • Class attendance at St. Francis Prep is a major priority. All students are required to complete all work even if they are absent. If a student is consistently absent, their participation grade will suffer as a result, as they are unable to participate in the missed class. Please be advised classes missed due to lateness or early dismissal will be included in this group. The only exceptions are in the cases of field trips, retreats, official school appointments.

Rule 2: Respect

  •       RESPECT is a major rule in this course. You must also have respect for your fellow students and the instructor. Bullying of any kind to any person will not be tolerated. 
  •       The students must also respect the classroom, which includes keeping it neat and clean. Classrooms must be clean from all materials and garbage before class will be dismissed. There is to be no mistreatment or vandalizing to the classroom, furniture, equipment and materials.Each student will have a classroom job which counts towards the participation grade.
  •       Perhaps most importantly, students must refrain from speaking while the teacher or another student is speaking.

Rule 3:No Electronic Devices

  •       No electronic devices are permitted in the classroom. This includes cell phones, IPods, MP3 players etc. Cell phone use is not permitted in class. This includes texting, music and games. Failure to follow school policy results in detentions.  Please see school calendar for cell phone rules and procedures. iPads are to be used only at the instruction of the teacher. iPad misuse falls under the same categories as other electronic devices. Recording or photographing the instructor or other classmates without permission is strictly prohibited.

Rule Breaking Policy

The rules are in place to ensure the productivity and safety of the students. A book will be kept with four cards - green, yellow, amber and red - which will correspond to checks. Students will be responsible for turning their cards in the book after committing offenses. A strict policy on rule or procedure breaking will be be enforced by the teacher. A three-check system is in place for the event that students break one or many rules.

First Offense - One Check - the student will be asked to speak to the teacher after class, and turn their green card to yellow. The teacher will inform the student that they’ve received their first check for breaking a rule.

Second Offense - Two Checks - the student will be addressed upon breaking the rule, and informed that this is their second check. The student will turn the yellow card to amber. The student will then be held after school for fifteen minutes.

Third Offense - Three Checks - the student will be addressed upon breaking the rule, and informed that this is their third and final check. The student will turn the amber card to red. An e-mail will be sent to the student’s parents or guardians explaining that the student has frequently broken rules.

Fourth or More Serious Offense - Meeting with the dean

Each cycle, the checks will be erased, the cards will be reset to green, and the student will be given a clean slate. For example, a student may get two checks in one given cycle, but when Day 1 lapses, the checks will be erased. However, an ongoing record will be kept, and if a student habitually causes a disruption to their learning or the learning of others, the teacher will view it as a more serious offense and take appropriate disciplinary action.

  • In addition to the aforementioned disciplinary action, in the case of students that consistently break the class rules, there will also be a deduction of points on that individual’s weekly participation grade. While this may seem like a small consequence, habitual misbehaving can lead to a deduction that may eventually impact the student’s grade in a critical way. 
  • The class as a whole will have a stake in the behavior of each individual. The instructor will keep a daily record of overall class behavior, and the class will have a chance to earn rewards for consistent good behavior. For every ten consecutive classes of good behavior, the students will receive a homework pass allowing them to hand in a homework assignment after it’s due date. These may be redeemed at any time (barring the end of marking periods), and the teacher will keep a digital record of these rewards for every student. 


Projects are graded on a number scale (0-100), and using a rubric. Each rubric has ten categories, and each category is worth ten points. As previously stated, ten points per class will be deducted each class that a project is late after the due date (provided that the student is present) for the first two classes, and then five points per class until the project is no longer eligible for a grade. 

Homework is graded out of ten points. Homework varies in difficulty and criteria. For example, if the student is asked to print and bring in a photo there can only be two possible grades - ten or zero. Other assignments - a drawing, for example - may be graded on effort, craft, product, etc., and the grade can fall anywhere on the ten point scale. 

Late homework is never accepted for a grade (except for occasions when a homework pass is redeemed, in which case the student is responsible for handing in the assignment during the following class). It is the responsibility of the student to approach the instructor to hand in the homework.

There will be a weekly grade for participation entered in the homework category. Provided that the student is present, attentive and on task, they will score the full points for the week. 

Quarter grades are determined by:




Final grade is determined by:


EXAM GRADE………….12%

Exam grade is determined by:



Unless otherwise specified, all homework assignments and projects must be posted to Google Classroom by the start of the class that the homework is due. In the event that the assignment is something physical, a photograph of it must be posted. If the assignment is not posted to Google Classroom, credit will not be received for it.


Projects are extremely important in the class. Each project was designed not only to give students education about art history, but also to teach them new problem solving skills and techniques. Some projects, for example, the independent project, may involve a trip to a museum. The criteria for each project will be discussed at the start of each unit. All of the projects address one or several elements of art. Each project has several components. Some of these may be assembling different parts of a whole (for example, in the self-portrait assignment, the drawing of the grid counts as one element of the overall project). Students will be graded on each component separately, and their final project grade will be a combination of those grades. 

* Students are fully responsible for homework, projects and class work missed when absent.

* Projects are downgraded ten points per class late until the third class, when a project will be downgraded five points per class until it is no longer acceptable.

  • Grading for each project will rely on a given set of criteria specific to that project (for example, a project on sculpting would be partially graded on the use of clay, but a drawing project would have no such criteria). Though certain criteria may change from assignment to assignment, several requirements will always be present. Assignments (including projects and homework) will be graded on:

    • Concept - the student’s understanding of the topic, application of what they’ve learned in relation to the topic and originality within the parameters of the assignment.
    • Effort and Revisions - the student’s overall work ethic, attempt to complete each assignment to the best of his / her ability, willingness to revise upon suggestion or direction for a better outcome, and personal investment in their work.


When not working on the projects in class, many times, classwork will involve taking notes, concept sketches or other tasks. 

  • Each student is to have their iPads charged and with them every day.
  • Each student may want to invest in a three-ring binder with protector sheets or a two-pocket folder for the transport and organization of work and handouts in class.


The projects will have homework that accompanies them. Homework may be as simple as gathering supplies or research, or it might include hands-on work such as art-making or writing. Generally, sufficient class time will be allowed for the students to work on their projects to minimize the amount of time they spend on homework. However, in instances where the class time is insufficient, or the student fails to complete their work in the classroom, there is a general expectation that this work will be completed as homework and submitted in the appropriate manner and timeframe.

  • Late homework is not accepted for a homework grade, but will be accepted as part of the overall project. 
  • Homework will be graded in terms of completeness. Homework submitted in complete condition will receive a check +. Homework partially completed will receive a check -. Homework that is not submitted will receive a 0. 

First Homework assignments….

  1. Go to the class web site and print out this course outline.
  2. Read and sign (student and parent/guardian) course outline
  3. Register at MySFP
  4. Register for Google Classroom

Place two telephone numbers (cell and home) and e-mail addresses in the space provided so that you will have a way to contact classmates for missing assignments.

1. Name:_____________________________________________________________

  Home Number:________________________________________________________

  Cell Number:__________________________________________________________


2. Name:______________________________________________________________

  Home Number:________________________________________________________

  Cell Number:__________________________________________________________


Program these numbers in you cell phone now and write them in your agenda books.


In any learning environment, participation is a key element. It is essential that students understand exactly what being an active participant in the classroom entails, and strive to conduct themselves in such a way.

*Participation includes…….

·         Participating in class discussions

·         Being prepared for class

·         Working on tasks in class

·         Behavior

·         Keeping work area clean

·         Helping the teacher

·         Designated class job

Communication with Parents

As any child’s foundation begins in the home, it is of paramount importance that the teacher work in tandem with the parents to ensure an overall positive learning experience, and the progress of the child. In the case of this class, the parents will receive regular notification as to their child’s progress in a variety of ways. 

Power School - Parents and students must register with Power School to keep track of student grades and progress.  Please check grades on a regular basis, at least once a week. Power school is updated on a frequent basis. Students and parents have one week, from when a grade is posted, to dispute that grade. If more than one week passes the posted grade remains and can not be changed.

  • MySFP- Students must register with MySFP for notes, e-mails, text messages and communication with Mr. Biondolillo.

Class Web Site-This class has its own page on the St. Francis Prep Web site. The teacher up-dates the web site regularly with homework assignments, tests, extra credit opportunities, and class information. If you are absent you MUST call or email a classmate and check the class web site!

To reach your class web site go to…

1. www.stfrancisprep.org

2. departments

3. art

4. name of class (Advanced Studio in Art I, Honors)

5. name of teacher (Biondolillo)

*Parents and students may e-mail Mr. Biondolillo at any time from this class web site. 

  • Google Classroom Page -This class has its own Google Classroom. This will be the primary digital communication tool between the students and teacher. The code will be listed on the class website.

  • E-Mail  - Parents and students are welcome to e-mail Mr. Biondolillo at any time.  This is an excellent way for parents and students to check up on grades and missing assignments.  abiondolillo@sfponline.org

  • Phone Calls - If any problems occur throughout the semester, feel free to speak with Mr. Biondolillo. (718)423-8810 ext. 218. Please e-mail Mr. Biondolillo to request a phone call. Mr. Biondolillo will call you as soon as possible.

Where can I find Mr. Biondolillo?

Mr. Biondolillo is available during the day, and can usually be found in the art department. His schedule posted in every art class room or on the art office door. Students may approach Mr. Biondolillo during his free periods, or before or after classes. He will not address students while he is teaching another class unless it is an emergency.

Classroom Policy – Late Work

As previously mentioned, the policy on late work is strict. Projects will be downgraded one letter per day until the fourth day when the project will no longer receive a passing grade. Homework will not be accepted late for a homework grade, but will be accepted as part of the grading for the connected project.


  1. If a student is absent, homework must be submitted the first artclass session the student returns to school. Students may leave homework in Mr.Biondolillo’s mailbox in the faculty room. If you check the class web site and do not understand the homework, phone a classmate, e-mail your teacher and do the homework to the best of your ability.
  2. If for some reason a situation occurs in which an extension is needed, such as an illness, parents/guardians must contact Mr. Biondolillo (by e-mail or phone) and accompany late assignment with a doctors note and explanation. Please do this in a timely fashion.
  3. If a student is going on a vacation or will be out of school for a few days, speak to Mr. Biondolillo ahead of time for missing assignments.


Supplies are of paramount importance in the classroom. Without them, the students will not be able to work, and will be marked “Unprepared” for that day. When a student is unprepared to work, it will be noted, and habitual unpreparedness will affect their participation grade.

Each project requires specific supplies, but many of them can be reused from project to project. A complete list of supplies for each project, in the order that they will be needed, is available on the website, as well as the end of this outline. These projects may be purchased over time to spread out the cost, or purchased all at once. The students will be reminded before beginning each project exactly which supplies they need, and when they will need them by. However, the teacher reserves the right to change their project list, and certain supplies will then no longer be used. In the event that a project is changed or canceled, students will have sufficient notice so that they do not purchase supplies they do not need. 

For the convenience of the parents, a kit made up of most of the year’s supplies has been created by the class instructor. These kits will be sold to the students during class within the first few weeks of school. While the supplies are available here, in one shot, at a discounted rate, they may also be purchased in some other way. The regular price for the kit for this class isThe regular price for the kit for this class is $106.02, but the kit sold through St. Francis Prep’s alliance with Blick Arts is $81.46 - a savings of $24.56. The Blick sale will take place during the first two weeks of school, and students will be notified exactly when.


Supply Rules

-          You must bring ALL supplies that apply to the project or projects that we’re working on in class. While these will be specified by the teacher, there may be times that students are working on a project in different stages, and require the necessary supplies. It is the responsibility of the student to consider what he or she needs to work that day and to bring it. As previously mentioned, students will not be permitted to go to their lockers during class.

-          You may share supplies, but be aware that if the person you are sharing with is absent or does not bring their supplies, you will be marked unprepared as well as them. 

-          Keep your supplies labeled.

-          Keep your supplies in good condition, you can re-use them from project to project, and from year-to-year.

-          Keep receipts.

-          Do not open supplies until inspected by Mr. Biondolillo.

-          Be a wise consumer when shopping for the above. Check out prices and sales on store web sites prior to shopping. Do a bit of comparison-shopping. Present your student ID when paying for merchandise, many retailers issue a student discount. Look for coupons on line!

-           If you have any questions or problems with purchasing materials please ask me for help!

*If financial assistance is needed at any time throughout this course please see Mr. Biondolillo.

Art Supply Stores

Michaels craft store - http://www.michaels.com/

AC Moore craft stores - http://www.acmoore.com/

Blick Art store - http://www.dickblick.com/stores/newyork/carleplace/


168 B Glen Cove Road
 Carle Place, NY 11514

Phone: (516) 248-1555

Store Hours: Mo-Sa: 10-8 Su: 11-7

Staples and Target have most of the supplies

Order on line…..

Blick art supplies - http://www.dickblick.com/

Pearl paint - http://www.pearlpaint.com/

It is the student's responsibility to contact my office at extension #218, or see me after class to schedule an appointment to discuss grades or any other issue regarding the class.

I have read and understand this course outline.

Parent / Guardian Signature


Student Signature


* If you have any questions regarding this outline please contact Mr. Biondolillo at extension #218.

  • Parents and students are welcome to e-mail Mr. Biondolillo at any time regarding questions with this class.
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