Summer at SFP

St. Francis Prep Summer Academy and Sports Camps

Due to the current Health guidelines in the City our Summer Programs have been cancelled. Please join us next summer.


Each session is three hours a day for four days. You can choose from six sessions throughout the first three weeks of August. (See registration form for available dates and times.)


We want to “take the stress off” and allow for this important year to be one of higher learning, excitement and accomplishments. The Guidance Department visits, networks and explores many aspects of the college process including applications and essays, resumes, personality and career development, financial aid, SUNY and CUNY, and much more.

We, at SFP, strive to ensure a smooth transition from the stresses of junior year into the intense college selection process in senior year. This year, an added service will be provided throughout the month of August. In addition to all the tasks we will accomplish within each session, we have chosen the first three weeks of August as the Common Application will be live and ready for each student to complete. Once the Common Application and all other components of the application are completed, such as the essay, your child will be ready to hit the “submit” button by the start of their senior year! We are offering these mini sessions over the summer for all incoming seniors in order for this special year to be one that will be missed, not forgotten. The Symposium will allow us to become familiar with your specific needs and help you prepare for your college search early on in the process. This is especially imperative for students who choose early action or early decision options.

“This was the best choice I could have made. Imagine having your college essay done, your college choices narrowed down, and your Common Application completed all before your senior year starts? This week made my college process so much easier.”
Eric, Cor 402
Service Academy

The Service Academy is not yet scheduled

Summer School

Address all inquiries to:
Mr. Chris Mendolia, Summer School Principal
6100 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
(718) 423-8810 Ext. 211

The Summer School is not yet scheduled