SFP Athletic Guidelines

Athletic Department Guidelines for Sports


1-Playing on a sport is a privilege, not a right.

2-Daily communication between student/coach during the season is very important.  Students should first communicate with the coach any concerns.

3- For parents- team strategy and playing time will never be discussed with the coach.  Students may approach the coach on this matter.

4- Communication protocol for parents regarding all other concerns is as follows:

            (a) Student/parent to coach

            (b) Student/parent to Athletic Director

            (c) Student/parent/Athletic Director to Administration

5- Student-athletes first obligation is to THE CLASSROOM/STUDIES.  When in season, a student’s second obligation is to their SFP interscholastic team first (i.e. not a club or travel team).

6- Coaches will set goals and expectations for their individual team.  Any violation of a team policy will lead to consequences up to possible removal from the team.

7- Being respectful in actions and words to others and showing good sportsmanship is expected at all times.