Girls Lacrosse History


March 27th 2006-SFP Girls Lacrosse Team played in their first league game against St. John the Baptist. Tara Turner scored the first ever goal for SFP Girls Lacrosse. 

April 26th 2006 -SFP Girls Lacrosse Team captured their first ever win with a 7-5 victory over St. John the Baptist. 

Highest Number of Goals Scored in a Single Game

Sarah Quinn                  8 goals                May 8th, 2010

Frankie Rossi                8 goals                May 7th, 2009

Highest Number of Goals Scored 

Sarah Quinn             96                2010    

Frankie Rossi           89                2010

Aimee Kasmally        72                2013

Terez Lebron            70                2013

Highest Number of Assists

Sarah Quinn             41               2010

Aimee Kasmally       28                2013