Guidelines for the team and meets

Outdoor Track

Do not join if you are joining just to be part of something.  

Join because you want to help in achieving something.

Outdoor is a very short season.  It is only 2½  months long.   To join Outdoor Track, you must be willing to make a commitment to the team.  That commitment is to make practice and put in a real effort at practice.   We need any athlete interested in competing to adhere to some basic rules.  

1.         You must be willing to make a commitment.

2.         You must be able to attend at the least  3 days of practice each week if there is a problem see Mr. May.

3.         You must read the Website for information pertaining to workouts, meets and meetings.

4.         If you cannot attend a practice, YOU must let a coach know that day.  If you cannot attend a meet,

            YOU must let a coach know in advance.     Failure to do so will count as an unexcused miss.  

            Two unexcused misses will lead to your dismissal from the team.

5.         During the season you may not be on another track team.   

            This will lead to injury and conflicts.  Choose one.

6.         You must workout in the group assigned.

7.        You must make interval workouts to be entered into meets.  No interval workout no meet that week.

8.         You are expected to try at all practices.  Times are a great indication of the effort you put in at practice.  

            Everyone should want to get better.  Putting in a good effort and not looking for a shortcut will not only

            make you better, but more importantly, it will make us a better team.

            These are basic rules that show you care and really want to be on a team.  Don’t join Track just to be on something.  

            Meets are important events for a track team.  The championship meets are the most important.   Your training revolves around them.   If you are not able to attend the championship meets, then you should not join.   The dates of the Championships are as follows:  Freshman City Champs 4/26, Sophomore City Champs 4/26 and the Brooklyn-Queens Championship is a Wednesday 5/13 and City Championship is 5/23.  

            We have a good team.  If we have a team that works together and has the same beliefs, we can be great.  If you all want to be good and get better, you will make an effort at the practices.   Your times will reflect the hard work and improve.  Missing a practice or putting in half an effort should not be taken lightly by anyone.   Your actions effect others.  The more the team lets slide, the weaker we become.   The more that each of us expects from one another, the stronger we will be.  


            Meets will be based on your attendance and effort at practices.  As long as we have room, we will make an effort to include those that are showing the effort.  Larger meets have qualifying standards and we will try to accommodate the qualifying athletes.


            We as coaches are here to make you better and foster a winning attitude.  To do this we need your help.  If this is what you want too, then Welcome to the Outdoor Track & Field team.