Indoor Rules 2021-22



1.         You must be able to make the Brooklyn-Queens Championship meet, if you cannot and don’t plan on running outdoor then you shouldn’t try out.  

               The date is January 30th, 2022 at the Armory.  You must be vaccinated to compete.

2.            You must be able to run a mile  non-stop. 

3.            You must be able to stay with the team on the way to and from practices, no walking to or from practices.

4.            Once the season begins you cannot workout or race with any track club teams.

5.            You must attend practices a minimum of 3 days a week to be on the team and 1 must be an interval day to be entered into a meet.

6.            You must attend practices a minimum of 4 days a week to be considered for any away meets.

7.            To be entered in meets, besides the 3-day minimum you must be able to finish the workout with the

               top half of the group you are assigned to.  

8.            If you show up 4 days a week and run to your potential at practice you will be entered in meets.

9.           We workout OUTSIDE in all weather. You must have sweats and gloves on cold days.   If you can’t run in the cold you should not try out.  

10.        Practices start at 3:00 if you constantly cannot make it out of the locker room by then you will be cut from the team.

11.        If you are on a club and it starts to interfere with track, you will have to make a choice.

12.        Members must adhere to the school’s policy regarding grades. If an athlete fails two or more subjects, you may not practice or compete.

13.        Most of our track meets are on Saturday’s. At the beginning of the season the schedule will be posted online.  Please review the schedule and plan accordingly.  Not    

             every meet is for every member.  By Wednesday during the season the members of the team competing that Saturday will be posted online.   If you know you cannot  

             attend, you must let a coach know as soon as possible so we either find a replacement or scratch the event.

14.      When your workout is over you can leave or watch others still training but do not interfere with their training.  Ex: do not use the hurdles, mats or throwing implements               while they are still training.

15.      If you miss a meet and do not inform a coach, you will not be entered the following meet and can be dismissed from the team.

16.      Two unexcused missed meets and you will be dismissed from the team.

17.       If you are on another sport and want to compete during Indoor see Mr. May to work out a schedule.

                              Besides these rules A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE TEAM IS A MUST.  

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these guidelines, please see Mr. May