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Congratulations to the Junior Varsity 2018/2019 Team
1. Marijana Lipotica
2. Brandi Williams
3. Victoria Miralla
4. Angelica Rizzo
5. Samantha Deturris
6. Cameron Taylor
7. Alyson Pineda
8. Mia Occhipinti
9. Sofia Slattery
10. Natalie Gallo
11. Alyssa Jaszczak
12. Fiorella Delgado
13. Vasiliki Malatos
14. Kayla Abramowitz
15. Anastasia Stratis
16. Kaylin Sheehan
17. Ashley Na
18. Saniah Antoine
19. Gabriella Cavallo
20. Nina Leher
21. Laila Owens
22. Amanda Strohm
23. Ava Banham
24. Grace Brown*
25. Patricia Toutpuissant*
26. Franly Dupuy*
27. Brigid Coghlan*
28. Emily Canavan*
29. Anna Papagianakis*
30. Victoria Pizzirusso*
31. Cheryl Zhu*

* Next to name is indicative of probationary status on Junior Varsity for veteran athletes based on tryout scores. This will be discussed with each athlete in further detail at practice.*

Please note: There will be our first parent/guardian meeting on Thursday, August 23rd. This is mandatory and will be to discuss the season and the overall S.F.P Cheerleading Program. This is for both the JV and Varsity teams. At this meeting, there will be a handouts for both you and your parents/guardians to read and sign which discusses what this season will be about and what is expected of you as an official S.F.P Cheerleader.

Coaches: Caitlin Fung, Jackie DeFalco & Samantha Reinhardt

Any student Grades 9-12 who are interested in trying out on August 20th, 2018 please e-mail  SFPVarsityCheer@gmail.com with your full name in order to be added to our e-mail chain/contact list to be kept up to date leading up to/throughout summer workshops. No Cheer/dance experience is initially required. We highly encourage that you try to attend as many summer workshops as possible beginning on July 17th, times and days to be officially announced as it gets closer.

Listed below is the try-out schedule/break down and skill-set requirements so you know exactly what to expect on August 16th and 20th.

Thursday August 16th from 4 pm - 8 pm: We will be teaching the dance and cheer material needed for try-outs.
Please arrive promptly so you can have the maximum amount of time needed to learn and master the dance, cheer and sidelines as well as having time to practice your stunts with your tryout group.

There will be videos taken of all material (sidelines, jumps, cheers and dance) and forwarded via e-mail to all of you on August 16th. Use this as reference to review at home before tryouts OR to learn on your own if you have been away on vacation or if you will be away on vacation on August 16th.

Tryout Day: Monday, August 20th from 4 pm - 8 pm: Arrive 15 minutes EARLY (You will need to be stretched and ready on the mat by 4 pm sharp)
From 4:00 - 5:00 pm you will "free stunt" to show us your most difficult stunting skills. You will also have allotted time to show us your high level of difficulty with tumbling (if applicable). We will not officially score you during this time; however, we will be recording the skills performed with the highest level of difficulty, also taking execution into consideration.

*IMPORTANT* During this 1 hour time frame, you can stunt with whichever group you choose, it does NOT have to be your try-out group.  

Tryout Attire:
Wear presentable and neat clothing (Prep colors, Soffe/running shorts (NO jean shorts/nike pros worn alone), athletic sneakers (NO flip flops/slides), t-shirts tucked in (NO tank tops/crop tops))
Hair tied out of face (high or low ponytail/bow optional)
NO Jewelry/Piercings (Including nose/belly piercings), Fake/LONG Nails or GUM. *You will not be reminded of any of this on tryout day and we will be checking. You WILL receive a large deduction if you step onto the mat/tryout area with any of the above.*
Tryout Number (to be given out on August 16th) displayed visibly on t-shirt (written directly onto your shirt or onto a taped on piece of paper)
Tryout Skill Requirements:
Groups must consist of 4 - 6 athletes
Entire group must perform dance and cheer
Veteran Cheerleaders from the 2017 - 2018 Season MUST incorporate stunts into the cheer.
Former JV members MUST show an extension or more advanced skill
Former Varsity members MUST show a Liberty or more advanced skill
Newcomers DO NOT need to stunt and will NOT be penalized for this choice; however, if you have been coming to summer workshops and can do an elevator or a thigh stand, it is highly encouraged to do so.  
Entire group must perform sidelines
Newcomers must perform 2 sidelines
Former JV and Varsity members must perform 3 sidelines
IMPORTANT: We will be calling sidelines at random from the list of sidelines attached. Please review these and know them ALL.
Individually must perform 2 separate jumps and/or jump sequences
Newcomers must do a toe-touch and a jump of your choice (tuck, spread eagle, right/left herkie)
Former JV members must do a double toe-touch and a jump of your choice
Former varsity members must do a triple toe-touch and a jump of your choice

*Please keep in mind that this is a big opportunity to showcase your skills and perform for the judges.*
Even though you are trying out as a group and synchronization is important, never forget that you are being judged as an individual!
Your voice, charisma, and overall appeal during tryouts COUNTS TOWARDS YOUR SCORE!
Make sure to smile throughout the entire performance and give it your very best shot.
Always stay positive...if you mess up or forget a step, KEEP GOING!

While summer workshops have not been considered mandatory, your attendance is highly encouraged! We have noticed a remarkable improvement in many athletes skills since the first workshop in July, keep up the good work!

The REVISED August Schedule is attached. Please review and delete the August schedule that was previously sent out. If there are any questions please feel free to text or e-mail me.

The tryout results will be e-mailed out to the individuals who make either the JV or Varsity Cheerleading team that same night (Monday, August 20th). The results will be posted on the S.F.P Cheerleading pages the following day.

Practice for both teams is MANDATORY the following night, Tuesday August 21st. The schedule attached is the timing specifically for the Varsity Cheerleading team. JV's schedule will have similar timing and will be soon to follow.

See you on Tuesday!
"SFP Cheerleading Summer Workshops officially begin on July 17th! The full schedule will be posted on July 10th, please check the website regularly for any updates. While these workshops are not considered mandatory, it is highly suggested that anyone intersted in making it onto the SFP Varsity or Junior Varsity Cheerleading team attend as many workshops as possible before tryouts on August 20th. Workshops will be held either on the west side of the gym or outdoors on the right side of school (on the grassy area next to the swingset) twice a week, 2-3 hours per workshop. Please wear: shorts or leggings, a loose fitting t-shirt, socks and sneakers. Please DO NOT wear: spanks or Nike Pros alone, sports bras alone, jean shorts, flip flops or slides. Please take out all jewlery before attending workshops, if you have a new piercing you cannot take out, you will be asked to sit and watch duirng stunting practice. Please DO NOT wear: fake/accrylic nails; if you have very long real nails or any type of fake nails on, you will not be permitted to stunt during workshops. Please make sure your hair is pulled back from your face and that you bring cold water with you to keep hydrated. If you have been dealing with a previous injury, please notify the coaches and bring a doctors note of clearance with you in order to participate. No cheerleading experience is necessary to attend or tryout!!! We just ask that you are willing to learn and participate and always try to maintain a positive and spirited attitude. If you have gymnastics experience you will be asked to show your highest level of tumbling at tryouts. It is suggested to stretch daily and to condition at home to build up your strength and stamina. Cheerleading is physically challangeing and if not conditioned properly can lead to strained muscles. Anyone who is interested in cheering or has further questions about the sport/team in general (grades 9-12 ONLY) please contact SFPVarsityCheer@gmail.com for more information. We look forward to seeing you on July 17th!" 



1516Workshop 4:30-7:30 17 OFF 18Workshop 4:30-7:30 192021
2223Workshop 4:30-7:30 24OFF 25Workshop 4:30-7:30 262728
2930Workshop 4:30- 7:30 31OFF 1Workshop 4:30-7:30 234



2930Workshop 4:30-7:30 31OFF 1Workshop 4:30-7:30 234
56Workshop 4:30-7:30 7OFF 8Workshop 4:30-7:30 91011
1213Workshop 4:30- 7:30 14OFF 15Tryout Material Teaching 4:30-8:30 161718
19*TRYOUTS 5-8P* 20*Practice 5-8p* 21 *Varsity Uniform & Camp Clothing Handout 4-6p* 22*Practice 4:30-7:30p; Parents Meeting 7:30-8:30p* 2324*Varsity Camp* 25
*Varsity Camp* 26*Varsity Camp* 27*Varsity Camp* 28OFF 29Practice 5-8p 30311

We appreciate your support! Let's go Terriers!

Please continue to check our page for additional information about our next competitions!


Please notify us of any planned vacations ASAP. 
(646) 361-7764

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Thank you! 

Moderator and Coaches
  • Moderator: Ms. O'Neill
  • Assistant Coach: Ms. Samantha Reinhardt
  • Head Coach: Ms. Caitlin Fung
  • Assistant Coach: Ms. Jackie DeFalco
Cheerleading JV

Moderator: Ms. O'Neill