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Head Coach: Ms. Mejia

[email protected]

Coach: Mrs. Istrico

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Please Note: 

Currently Dance team is not active until further notice from the Department of Health

Updates will post here in Sept.2021

                                                                     DANCE TEAM 2021-22


SFP Dance Team is a group of  advanced technically skilled dancers. Try-outs are held annually. Practices meet on Monday and Wednesday from 3-4:30. Members perform at  Basketball home games held on Fridays from December to February. In addition to performing, the team participates in outside school events such as the SFP Special Needs party, Soup kitchen, charitable organizations and performance venues. We have performed in the Macy's Day Parade, Disney land and Disney World California and Citi Field.




Try outs are held in mid September of each new school year

1. Perform a one to two minute solo in one of the following genres:




2. Wear proper dance attire

3. Bring your music pre-cut

Informational Meeting 

A Meeting is scheduled after school before the try out date for any questions a new student may have

Medical Clearance

Clearance from your physician and a signed permission from a Parent or Guardian must be on file through the Nurses office before the student auditions.

                                                          SFP DANCE TEAM CONTRACT 2020-2021 




Dance Team meets from Sept-May. The Team performs Contemporary and Jazz style dance routines.

Performances:  Home Coming ,Open House, Basketball Games, Competition, Special Needs Party, Holiday Show, Outside Venues


*Held every Mon. and Wed. 3-4:30pm

*All Practices are Mandatory

*A Student must notify MS. MEJIA or MRS. ISTRICO if unable to attend practice before practice begins

*A Parent/Guardian must provide a note for MS. MEJIA OR MRS. ISTRICO as to why the student couldn't attend practice

* Please do not schedule other appointments outside of school during our practice times.  Our practice times are valuable since we only meet two days per week


*Every team member must be present at a scheduled Game Performance

*Game schedules are posted on the SFP sports webpage

*A Team member must notify MS. MEJIA OR MRS. ISTRICO if unable to attend a Game Performance .

*The team member must provide a note from a Parent/ Guardian as to why the student can not perform at the scheduled Game performance

*The team member must provide one week notice if unable to attend 

*The team member must wear proper warm-up and performance attire at all scheduled Games

*Team Members are not permitted to leave the Building until Games are over


* Note: pending each year

* The team performs one  competition per year

*The competition schedule is set in Oct.

*Competitions are generally scheduled the months of Dec. or Jan.

*A Parent or Guardian must notify MS. MEJIA if unable to participate in a competition ONE MONTH PRIOR the competition date


* Team Members are responsible to purchase the team uniform and warm-up attire


*Must be on file in Nurses Office



*Your last medical must be dated after July 1st ,2021

*Students must inform Coaches of an injury  or illness before practice begins  


* Try-out date and time will be posted on this website 

* All current team members must audition each year

*Current team members are re-evaluated at  the audition.



*A Team member must respect the Coaches, Captains and other Team members

*A Team member must be on time for practice

*A Team Member must wear proper dance attire and dance shoes during Practice, Games, Competition, and other scheduled events

*A Team Member must put forth their best effort at all practices

*A Team member must sign up under MY SFP

*Current team members must re-audition every year

*A Team member must notify Mrs. Istrico or Ms. Mejia if they have any injuries before practice begins and provide a doctor note or note from a Parent/Guardian

*A Team Member must notify Mrs. Istrico or Ms. Mejia if an injury occurs during a Practice, Basketball Game or Competition Performance

*A Team Member must notify Mrs. Istrico or Ms. Mejia if they have any problems or concerns

*The STUDENT OR PARENT/GUARDIAN must notify MS. MEJIA OR MRS. ISTRICO of an absence from Practice, Game, or Competition. 

*  Captains or other team members are not be responsible to notify us of another students absence.

* The student must inform MS. MEJIA OR MRS. ISTRICO concerning an injury before, during or after practice


*Senior Captains are chosen primarily each year based on leadership qualities  

*The Captain's role is to create an environment of Team Spirit and Respect

*To Lead the Team in warm-up and group choreography

*To meet with Coaches after every practice for critique and address any concerns

*To organize a Team Roster

*To decide on Team Uniforms

*To respect each other, Coaches and all Team Members

* Captains are chosen each year by Ms. Mejia



* It is the School's policy if any Student of a Sports Team, Activity, or Club who fails two subjects during the season is unable to participate at Practices, Games or Competitions

*Notification will be given to the student if they are unable to participate

* If a student passes those courses for the next Quarter they will be put back on the Team, Club, or Activity

Any Questions you may contact MS. MEJIA [email protected]tfrancisprep.org

Parent/Guardian  Signature________________________________

Student  Signature ________________________________________

                                                                  DISNEY WORLD  PERFORMANCE   2012

The 2011-12 SFP Dance Team performed in Downtown Disney in April.  They also participated in a professional workshop with a Disney cast member. Seniors were offered an opportunity to intern in Disney in the summer of 2013.

                                                                            CITIFIELD  2013

Dance Team performed pre-show Mets Game

                                                                            LONDON TRIP  2014

Summer of 2014, some members of our team took dance classes in London at Pineapple Dance Studio, participated in private acting workshops, attended Broadway shows and was given a backstage tour of The National Theatre.

                                                                    DISNEY LAND CALIFORNIA  2015

The summer of 2015, some of our team members joined the Alvernian Drama Society in a performance venue in DisneyLand California. We performed on two Disney stages during the 60th Jubilee Celebration

                                                             MACYS THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE 2016

Dance Team was chosen to perform in the 2016 Thanksgiving Day parade with Spirit Of America Productions

They spent a week preparing in Manhattan. They also were seen on NY 1 news. They were chosen to give a shout out to Prep outside of the Good Day New York studios audience




Moderator and Coaches
  • Moderator: Mrs. Mejia
  • Head Coach: Ms. Donna Mejia
  • Assistant Coach: Mrs. Kim Istrico

Moderator: Mrs. Mejia