Team: Basketball JV-Girls Season: Winter

Date/Time Location Opponent   W/L Score
11/23/2019 South Shore South Shore/scrimmage/11:00am Away No Result
11/30/2019 TBD Thanksgiving Classic -TBD/4:00pm Away W 52-21
12/4/2019 SFP St. John's Prep/6:00pm Home W 29-27
12/11/2019 SFP McCLANCY/4:30pm Home W 39-31
12/13/2019 CTK CTK (NL) / 4pm Away W 49-45
12/18/2019 Holy Cross HOLY CROSS/6:30pm Away W 40-18
12/29/2019 The Post (Brooklyn) - Noon Susan Wagner Away W 46-33
1/4/2020 YorK College MARY LOUIS/5:30pm Away W 47-34
1/8/2020 SFP SCANLON/4:30pm Home No Result
1/11/2020 SFP Xaverian/11:00am Home No Result
1/16/2020 Molloy MOLLOY/4:30pm Away No Result
1/17/2020 SFP HOLY CROSS/4:00pm Home No Result
1/19/2020 The Post (Brooklyn) - 10:00am Rose Classic vs. St. Laurent Away No Result
1/22/2020 SFP Bishop Loughlin/4:45pm Home No Result
2/6/2020 Bishop Loughlin BIHOP LOUGHLIN/4:45pm Away No Result
2/8/2020 SFP MOLLOY/11:00am Home No Result
2/11/2020 St. John's Prep ST. JOHN'S PREP/7:00pm Away No Result
2/13/2020 Scanlon SCANLON/4:30pm Away No Result
2/16/2020 SFP CTK (L)/1pm Home No Result
2/29/2020 Nazareth HS - Noon Mary Louis Away No Result
3/3/2020 Molloy 6:30 pm Molloy Away No Result