Department: Mathematics Course: Integrated Geometry Teacher: Mr. Albaneze


Geometry:  Course Requirements                               Mr. Albaneze                                                                                   2020 - 2021

**Please be advised that items in this Course Requirement document may change due to the circumstances we face with COVID-19.  If policies change, you will be notified**

Goals of the Course:

  1. Students will become proficient with the mathematical skills needed to pass the NYS Common Core Exam.


  1. Quarterly Grade: 100% total points of exams, quizzes, and homework.
  2. All quizzes and tests will be announced. Sometimes a topic lends itself to a multiple choice quiz, others need free response. If work is not submitted, a large percentage of the grade will be deducted
  3. Homework Grade:  -Homework will be a 100 point test. It will be assigned daily.  You can find the homework in the Notes PDF found in the Classroom App in Google Classroom.   In Google Classroom you will see a daily homework assignment. 

                -The following are examples, but are not limited to point deductions for homework:

                                (-5) missing homework/wrong assignment completed              (-3) incomplete/sloppy

           4. Final Grade: The final average will be an average of the four quarters and a percent of the NYS Common Core grade to be determined by the Mathematics Department at a later date.   

Classroom Structure:

  1. Homework: Students will have to complete homework on a nightly basis.  
  2. Classwork   Students must be on task, not watching videos, playing games or checking email. During the lesson or at the conclusion of the lesson, I will answer all questions.  



  1. TI-84+  Graphing Calculator (TI-83 is also acceptable)
  2. Pens and Pencils
  3. Ruler and Compass (Due to the unknowns for this school year, I may need to move chapters around.  Therefore, please have this compass by TBD)

           4. Ipad that is fully charged every day (a portable charger is a good investment)

           5. Stylus  

                **These materials are to be brought to class daily unless otherwise specified**

Class Policies:

  1. All students are expected to work when the class bell rings.   The bell does not dismiss you, I dismiss you!  
  2. Dress Code: It is school policy that all students be in dress code (see Rules/General Info on SFP Homepage). Any student out of dress code will receive a dress code violation.   This includes masks and ID cards.  Masks must be worn at all times and cover your nose and mouth.
  3. Missed work and notes are your responsibility. You will be required to take the exams and quizzes on the material you may have missed.  (This includes not being in class from guidance visits, early dismissals, or in the nurses office) Please get at least two email addresses from people in your class 

Tests and Quizzes: Any missed tests or quizzes must be made up before school. Tests or quizzes cannot be made up during class time. See me as soon as you return to school or email me to schedule a make-up. You will only have 1 school cycle to make-up your test or quiz. Failure to do so will result in a score of ZERO on the test or quiz.

  1. No food or drinks are permitted inside the classroom. If you bring food or drinks inside the classroom, it will be thrown away.
  2. All rules of the school will be enforced including but not limited to: dress code, use of electronic devices (cell phones), proper language and behavior. (see Rules/General Info on SFP Homepage)


Calculator Policy:

  1. All students are required to own a graphing calculator. Students are expected to bring their calculator to class every day.
  2. There will be absolutely no borrowing of calculators during class, a quiz, or an exam


Academic Honesty: Automatic ZERO for any violation (see Rules/General Info on SFP Homepage)

  1. Examples of, but not limited to, Honor Code Violations:
      -Homework: Copying homework or lending your homework to someone (this includes sharing with iPad)
      -Tests/Quizzes: Bringing in materials (even if you do not use it), looking at someone else’s paper, writing on the desk, not advising the teacher of writing on the desk, using or having your cell phone visible, borrowing or lending your calculator, having your bag on your lap.  Some assessments will be given when you are at home, please be advised that you are still considered to be “in school” during this time and cheating will not be tolerated.  


  1. Attached is a document found on the school website in regards to appropriate use of the iPad.  Please read the following:


Extra Help:       TDB

  1. Google Classroom Extra Help Access Code:  TBD
  2. Extra Help Google Meet (in Google Classroom)  TBD
  3. No appointment necessary.
  4. However, if your homework is not at least attempted, you were not paying attention in class, or you are not prepared, you will not be given extra help.
  5. Extra Help is also offered in the Math Center during free periods in room E-210 (details to follow)


  1. I expect each student to respect all students in the class. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a classroom environment conducive to learning.
  2. Misbehavior of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: talking, calling out, etc.


Contacting the Teacher:

  1. Students: Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I am available through e-mail via the prep website or through: [email protected]
    My e-mail will be checked throughout the school day and possibly once after school hours. If you e-mail me at 10 pm the night before school, I will not receive that e-mail until the next morning. Although e-mail is the fastest way to contact me, it does not replace extra-help or asking questions in class. 
  2. Parents: The best way to contact me is via e-mail at [email protected] 



Parent/Student Portal:

  1. Access to your grades is a great tool! Parent/Student Portal will be updated frequently. With parents and students having access to the grades in the class on a daily basis, it is your responsibility to monitor your grades. 


Please fill in this sheet and submit on google classroom under “Course Requirements” assignment:


Due Date: Monday, September 13th 


A note to parents/guardians:

Please be advised that during the school year, I send out several emails which include general updates, progress reports, etc.  This is the easiest way of communication due to the fact that I am not always in the Math Department Office.

With this in mind, I ask that you frequently check the email addresses that you provided to Saint Francis Preparatory.  Additionally, I ask that you frequently check Power School to monitor your son/daughters grades.




Student and Parent/Guardian Signatures:


 Please print: 

                     Student Name: ______________________________________________    Period:_________

                     Student ID Number: ___________________________                                       COR: ______________


I have read and fully understand all the course requirements.

  Student signature:__________________________________________________________ Date:____________________

 Print Parent/Guardian Name:________________________________________________________   

 Relation to student:__________________

 Parent/Guardian Signatures:___________________________________________________________  Date:_________________

Parent/Guardian Signatures:___________________________________________________________  Date:__________________





Exporting PDF’s to Notability: 

There will be a link posted in Google Classroom which will lead you to a Google Doc (Slides).  This will be our “Classroom App” for the year.  You will use this Classroom App for helpful resources.  This is where you will also find the material that you will need for the year.  To find the material, you click on the link and click on the Notes/HW App.  This will lead you to a layout of the chapters for the year.  Click on Notes and Homework (for example) under Chapter One.  This will show you a PDF.  To export the PDF, click on the three dots in the top right.  Then, click on Open In.  Next, select Notability.  This will direct you to Notability.  From there you will Create a New Note.  You may want to re-name the file and place it in the proper folder/subject.



Uploading Assignments:

For each chapter, I will be uploading a PDF of the entire chapter.  This PDF will be several, several pages.  When submitting assignments, I do not want you to upload the entire document.  It will take a long time to scroll through every PDF to get to the specific pages that I am checking.  Here are the steps to just upload the specific pages that are necessary for that assignment:

1)  Identify the pages you need to submit by using the page button on the top right in Notability.

2)  Click the Export button on the top left.

3)  Click Other Apps at the bottom (make sure that the format is PDF)

4)  Click the Page Range button and click Deselect All at the bottom, then select only  the pages that you wish to submit.

5)  Click the Back button on the top left.

6)  Click Share Note at the bottom.  

7)  Select Google Classroom and then attach to the proper assignment.

8) Please do not forget to SUBMIT.