Department: Music Course: Percussion Ensemble Hp Teacher: Dr. Silvagni


Music 2040                                                                            Percussion Ensemble
GRADE 9-11                                                                        2021 – 22    Full Year


            Percussion Ensemble is a performance-based course during Z periods (before school) Tuesdays and Thursdays and after school on Mondays from 3:00 - 4:00.  Students enrolled already possess a cursory background in percussion and wish to expand upon it. A Percussion Ensemble is a performance group where all the instruments used are in the percussion family. Students will become proficient in all aspects of percussion, including but not limited to: Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Timpani, Mallet Percussion (Marimba, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Bells, Chimes), and Accessories (Woodblock, Cowbell, Tambourine, etc.).  Student's training will enable them to perform in Christmas Concert I and Spring Concert I.

**The stick/mallet fee is $25. This will be collected in the beginning of the year.  The money goes towards the upkeep of all sticks/mallets that all students use in the ensemble.

Grading Policy

            -Attendance: With an early morning class, it is understandable that unforeseen circumstances can cause one to be late (bus arriving late, traffic, etc.).  However, the student is still expected to arrive on time and set up their instruments.  Excessive lateness will result in a lower grade.  Cutting Z period will not only result in a significantly lower grade, but will result in detentions.  If you arrive late to school for any reason, you must get a late pass and show it to me. Otherwise, I have to place your name on the cut list. It is better to be late than to cut! The same rules apply to after-school class, concert rehearsals, and concerts themselves.  You may not miss X period for an unexcused reason. If you are leaving school early, you must obtain an early dismissal pass.  Latenesses will result in -5 on the attendance grade after one freebie and Cuts will result in -25.  Two or more cuts will likely lead to a failure for the quarter.  Cutting a concert will lead directly to a quarter failure.

***Note: You are not allowed to miss this class for any review classes or extra-help sessions for other subjects.  If another teacher requests your presence during this class, kindly inform them you have Z-Period or X-Period taken and schedule for another time.  If any problems arise, contact me immediately and I will handle it.

            -Preparedness: Students are expected to arrive on time to rehearsals with their music.  Forgetting music makes more work for me, who now has to find another copy with limited time or have you not play for some time.  If you lose your music, let me know ASAP so I can make you another copy. Do not let me know halfway through a rehearsal that you have been playing without music.  I will figure it out in time and it will be worse for you. Losing a piece of music once is not a big deal, but coming to multiple rehearsals without music will lower your grade.

            -Behavior: I have yet to have any serious problems with behavior, but I will put this here anyway.  Talking while I am explaining the music or discussing scheduling will not be tolerated.  Making jokes with other students during practice will also not be tolerated.  If I cannot have everyone’s attention between periods of playing, we will struggle to be ready for the concerts.  Excessive talking and disruptive behavior will result in a lower grade.

            -Room Setup: When students enter the classroom, they are expected to help set up the room.  We set up the necessary instruments for the piece we will be practicing.  Students who do not help set the room up or get themselves ready in time for practice will start to lose points.

            -Practice: Students are expected to practice.  I understand that students are all at different abilities and some learn faster than others do.  That is okay.  If you practice and give the effort that I feel you can, you will do fine.  This part of the grade coincides with the Music Lessons class.  If you complete your extra lessons with serious intent and in a timely manner, you will do well.


-The Percussion Ensemble will perform at two concerts this year.

            -Christmas Concert I (December 10, 2020)  [Dress Rehearsals: TBA]

            -Spring Concert I (May 6, 2021) [Dress Rehearsals: TBA]

-More information will be provided closer to the concert date due to COVID-19 restrictions about potential dress rehearsals and how the concerts may proceed

Students will be advised verbally if a pattern occurs that will lead to a lower or failing grade.  Parents will also be notified immediately if a student is failing. 

The final grade for the course will be an average of all four quarters (20% each) and a final grade (20%). 

The details of this syllabus are subject to change, but the overall format will remain the same.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and should have fun exploring the world of percussion.  Students and parents may feel free to contact me at [email protected].