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English 11:American Literature   

                                                                                            Ms. Juliette Sidoli

                                                                                            Course Expectations

                                                                                     2020-2021 School Year (Qtrs. 1&2)


Welcome to Ms. Sidoli’s English class!!!

Teacher: Ms. Juliette Sidoli

Contact Information: [email protected]

Office: N-102 (behind the security desk near the main entrance)


Course Description: 

This year we will be studying all facets of American Literature, enjoying and exploring the various literary experiences our nation has to offer. We will explore diverse genres of poetry, short stories, novel, plays and informational texts while learning how to investigate texts for nuance and deeper analysis. We will close-read the major themes and concepts at work in English Literature, as well as the works that relate to English literature in order to question or challenge this genre.  Preparing for the New York State English Regents exam will be a primary focus through skills based writing and projects. We will create and publish our own creative work as well as complete group and individual projects.This class continues the introduction to literary genre that began freshman year. Much of what we cover will be focusing around American Literature, although international texts may be included as well. 

Since our mission at St. Francis Prep is rooted in Scripture, we will be exploring and making connections to core Franciscan values. Via class texts, discussion and self-reflection, you will ask yourself, how do I view/experience the world and myself via my relationship with God as I see God?

Required Reading:

   ** Texts are subject to change and additional works may be added during the year.**

Classroom Rules:

Grading Policy: 

Your quarterly and final grade will be based on:


     Late Work: 

    Classwork due at the end of class will not be accepted after the bell.

    - Late Homework assignments ( -5 points off per day)

     -Late essays/projects/assessments (-10 Per day) Homework is considered late if it is     

      not turned in at the beginning of class and will not be accepted after 1 week. 

Required Materials:

Staying organized will not only help you excel in this class, but it will support confidence in your work. There may be a notebook/binder check depending on the needs of your class.

How to organize your notebook: 

Additional Matters of Importance...

Academic Dishonesty:

All instances of academic dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism will be met with serious penalties. No excuses or explanations will be accepted. If you are caught you will be with the following consequences:



Electronic Devices:

Extra Help: I am more than happy to provide extra help- please reach out if you need it. I can arrange for a time to meet to review material. 


 Teacher/Parent Course Expectation Contract


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I, ________________________, have read the classroom/course expectations and policies and will abide by all the rules and expectations explained above. 


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Return this contract next time we meet with the signatures completed. This is your first homework assignment ☺ 


I look forward to a wonderful year with you! 

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