Department: English Course: English 11, Honors Teacher: Ms. Rizzi-Lorenz



Mrs. Rizzi-Lorenz ~ English 11 Honors                                                                      Course Syllabus

Required Works

Required Materials

Students are required to bring the following materials to class every day:

Course Description

    Welcome to English 11 Honors!  This is a fantastic course that will focus on American Literature from its earliest works to the present day.  We will cover some really great literature, hopefully have some interesting discussions, and challenge ourselves to think and interpret beyond our usual boundaries. Throughout the year, eleventh grade Honors students will strengthen, expand and reinforce the techniques of analytical writing practiced in freshman and sophomore years.  Students will continue formal instruction in the literary essay, focusing on literary comprehension, analysis and appreciation. Various other writing activities will be utilized throughout the year as well.  Students will sit for the English Common Core Examination in June of this year and are encouraged to be aware of the importance of intensive vocabulary study for success in reading comprehension on the PSAT, SAT I and SAT II.  

     All students will sign up for the class page on GOOGLE CLASSROOM and log in daily to check for assignments and announcements.  On days students will be working from home, they will use this page to access the GOOGLE MEET link to join the class remotely. Remote students are expected to log in on time for class and remain online and active for the full 40 minute class period.  All homework, quizzes, exams and major writing assignments will be announced on this GOOGLE CLASSROOM page.  Students are responsible for completing their homework and written assignments neatly, and on time and will not be reminded to complete any missed work by the teacher.   There will be approximately 10 written assignments per quarter in addition to daily reading assignments.  Students receive a homework grade worth up to 100 points for the quarter, approximately 10 points per assignment.  Late, incomplete or missing assignments will result in a deduction of points from this grade.  Assignments turned in more than one hour past the time due will receive no more than half credit.  Assignments more than one (1) day late will not receive credit.  ALL assignments will be submitted through GOOGLE CLASSROOM and/or  Students receive a class work grade worth 50 points for the quarter. Excessive absence or bathroom use (without a valid doctor's note), lateness, unpreparedness and inappropriate classroom behavior will result in a deduction of points from this grade (approximately 5 points per offense) and repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action.  Should a student choose to cut class, this grade will automatically be reduced by 25 points.  Any exam, quiz or assignment distributed that day must be made up and will receive no more than 75%.  Students who are absent from class are responsible for making up all work missed during their absence, including homework, quizzes and exams.  Students absent on the day of an exam will make up the exam the first day they return to school or the grade will become a zero.  All make-ups are in class.  It is the students’ responsibility to approach me and request a make-up.  If a student is absent the day of a pop quiz, his or her next pop quiz grade will be counted twice to cover the missing grade. 

      Students are expected to be in dress code at all times, including masks, and to comply with the school cell phone policy.  Mask breaks will be given at the end of each class during which time students must remain seated and silent.  Cell phones are NEVER to be out in the classroom. Students will lose five (5) points from the class work grade each time this cell phone policy is disobeyed. Students are expected to have their fully charged iPads in class everyday and are expected to use this technology responsibly.  They are expected to remain on task, working with the class and not updating social media, playing games, using apps, adjusting settings or browsing random sites.  Any student who does not comply with this expectation will lose five points or more for each violation depending on the offense. iPads must remain flat on the students’ desks at all times. Students, both in class AND remote learning, are prohibited from photographing or recording anything in the class, whether audio or video, without the express permission of the teacher.  Students who do not follow this directive will lose 25 points from their class work grades AND receive detention for each offense.   Repeated offenses will result in further, more serious disciplinary action.

     Students’ quarterly grades will be based on the total average of all exams, quizzes, essays, homework and class work.  All exams will be announced at least 3-4 days before test day.  Vocabulary quizzes will be given approximately once per cycle.  Quizzes will be given periodically and may or may not be announced.  Students are required to keep a record of these grades and are responsible for informing their parents of their progress. New grades are regularly entered into Parent Connect and parents are strongly encouraged to closely monitor their child's progress throughout the quarter.  Any parent who has a question regarding grades should email me at [email protected]. Class participation will be taken into consideration at grading time and may offer the addition of 1-3 extra credit points per quarter. Because this is an Honors level class, students (BOTH in person AND remote learning) are expected to actively participate on a daily basis. This is the only extra credit students should expect over the course of the school year.  Lack of participation WILL negatively affect a student's grade.


Sample Student Grade:                        Class Total*                 Student Total

                                                            Test 1: 100                                    96

                                                            Test 2: 100                                    84

                                          Vocabulary Quiz 1:  20                                 16

                                          Vocabulary Quiz 2:  20                                 14

                                          Vocabulary Quiz 3:  20                                 20

                                          Vocabulary Quiz 4:  20                                 18

                                          Vocabulary Quiz 5:  20                                 20

                                          Homework Grade: 100                                 90

                                         Class Work Grade:   50                                  50

                                                   Pop Quiz 1:    10                                   10

                                                   Pop Quiz 2:    10                                     8

                                                          Quiz 3:    25                                    20

                                                            Essay: 100                                    85

                                                            Journal: 25                                   25

                  Total possible points for the quarter: 620        Student’s Total: 556


                                             Student’s total   556/620    Class total = 0.897 or 89.7


                                                            Student’s quarter average = 90

                                                                       Participation Credit   + 1


                                                            Student’s quarter average = 91

* Class Total may vary each quarter depending on the number of assignments/exams/quizzes administered.

     Lastly, students are expected to adhere to the school’s Honor Code regulations and are therefore expected to treat their classmates and teacher with respect.  The Honor Code will be strictly enforced in this class and students caught copying homework, cheating on exams or quizzes, (whether supplying answers or receiving them), or plagiarizing will be dealt with according to school policy.

    This will be a very different type of school year for all of us.   All I can ask of you is to do your best, be open minded, and be flexible. We are in this together. I'm excited to be teaching this course and I look forward to getting to know you better as the year progresses!  Do not hesitate to speak with me should you have any questions or concerns.  While this will be a rigorous course and I will expect you to put in a good deal of effort,  I am confident that you will push yourselves to be the best English scholars you can be.  Always remember these words from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!" This year will be what we make of it. Let us do our best to make it great one!