Department: Science Course: Earth Science Teacher: Ms. McCabe


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

    In Earth Science we will study Earth’s processes and position in the universe. This is done through Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology, and Astronomy.  This is a year-long course broken into four quarters and a Regents exam at the end of the year. . 


Mrs. McCabe

Email: [email protected]  

    [email protected]

Office: W106A

Office Hours: Check back in late September for Department office hours times and days. There will be at least two options per week, probably virtually. You can always email me with any questions or problems you may be having. 


  1. Pearson Earth Science E-Textbook

  2. Prentice Hall Earth Science Review Book (purchased from the SFP Bookstore)

    1. This will be done throughout September. Once the books come in there will be more information. 

  3. Scientific Calculator

  4. Either a 3 subject spiral notebook / or a 2inch (or more) binder filled with looseleaf

    1. You may also use your iPad to take notes using Notability, but you must be writing the notes using a stylus or an apple pencil. You should have your own section in Notability just for Earth Science. 

Classroom Policies

  1. Be Respectful

    1. Respect yourselves, your classmates, myself, laboratory equipment, and any other school property

  2. Conversations about Earth Science only.

  3. No Eating or Drinking

    1. If we are not in the lab you may have water. 

  4. Be Inquisitive

    1. Never be afraid to ask me a question. You get out of science what you put into it! If you need clarification, ASK!

iPad Policies

  1. iPad’s are to be used in a respectful and professional manner.

  2. iPad’s must be fully charged and present everyday in class.                                      

  3. While you are in class, apple classroom will be used to monitor your iPad usage. Your bluetooth must be turned on at all times. 

  4. iPad’s should be flat down on your desk at all times

  5. If you choose to take notes on your iPad you must have a stylus to hand write the notes. 

  6. Each time I have to lock your iPad or redirect you, you will lose preparedness points.

  7. Any inappropriate usage of the iPad, including unauthorized recording, will be reported directly to the dean’s office. Here is the link to the school’s technology policy 


Absence: Every student is expected to attend class every day. Each day we will cover a lot of material and missing class could put students far behind the rest of their class. That being said, people do get sick therefore I have listed some protocols to follow when you are absent. If you are able to follow along virtually, you should try to do that. If you are unable to do work, please communicate with me via email. 

  1. You should make time (outside of class) to get notes and materials from a classmate first, then you may ask me. 

  2. Homework that was due the day you were absent is due the day you return. 

  3. All Homework and class assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. The homework assigned the day you miss will be due the day after you return from your absence. 


You must have a binder/notebook/section in Notability that is only for Earth Science. We will take a lot of notes in class so in order to ensure you are as organized as possible I strongly suggest a binder that you can always add too, but you are old enough to  choose what you want. Most handouts and exams/quizzes will be done virtually this year to try to limit the amount of paper being passed around. I do suggest getting a folder that can hold any papers given to you throughout the year so you can study from them later. 

Grades: For Each Quarter

Exams/Projects/Quizzes       45%

Labs      30%

Homework/Classwork 15%

Preparedness 10%’

Year Grade: 

    The year grade will be made up of each of the four quarters being 22.5% and the Regents being 10%

Honor Code

    We will follow the academic integrity policy as listed in the Handbook. Any students who violate St. Francis Prep’s Honor Code, listed in the General Rules and Information section of the website. If cheating occurs, parents will be contacted and the student will fail the assignment. If subsequent cheating occurs, the consequences will increase. 

Late Work Policy

    1. No late homework/classwork will be accepted. If you are absent, the policies for when assignments are due can be found above. 

        If you turn in an assignment late on Google Classroom because you were absent, you must put a comment on the assignment that you were absent, otherwise the work will not be accepted. 

    2.Labs will be due within one cycle of the performed Lab. Late labs will be accepted up until the end of the quarter that lab was performed in, with a max grade of a 55.  If turned in  after the  quarter, students will be given Regent’s Credit, but will have a 0 in the gradebook. 

Lab Days for Each Class

        A Period = Day 6        B Period= Day 2

        D Period= Day 5        G Period= Day 3


  1. If you miss an Exam or a Quiz, you should be prepared to take the exam or quiz the day you return. If this is an issue, please email me or talk to me in class and we can come up with a make up time. The responsibility is up to you to make the time. 

  2. If you miss a Lab, we will discuss how to make that up depending on the lab. 

I reserve the right to change any of these policies at any point throughout the year. If changes are made all students will be made aware.