Department: English Course: English 11 Teacher: Ms. Friedman


Teacher: Ms. Friedman

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Office: N-102 (behind the security desk near the main entrance)

Hello and welcome to English 11!  This year we will be studying American novels, short stories, and poems.   Studying literature is not solely limited to studying words on a page, and requires greater context, which is why we will be looking closely at American and World history  to better understand what we are reading.  All the while, we will also be preparing for the Regents exam you will be sitting for in June.

Required Reading:

***The first novel we are reading is The Catcher in the Rye, and you will need a physical copy of the text in class for 9/28.  We will be starting the novel sooner than that, but I will begin checking to make sure everyone has a physical copy of the novel on 9/28.  If you are waiting to receive your novel in the mail, you may use an etext until you get the physical copy.

You DO NOT have the option of using a physical book or an etext.  You MUST use physical paper copies of the text.  You must also have your copy of the text with you for class every day!  

Classroom Rules:


Required Materials:

iPad use in class:  Due to the unique nature of this school year, I will allow the use of iPads for note taking in class.  This may help streamline your note taking between days you are in the building and at home.  However, the use of iPads in class is a privilege, and failure to use the iPad in class exclusively for English class notes may result in a revocation of this privilege.  For the days you are in class, your Bluetooth must be enabled for the purpose of using Apple Classroom.  Photos, as well as video and audio recordings of class are strictly prohibited.

Academic dishonesty/plagiarism: I take academic honesty very seriously.  All instances of academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarising are not tolerated and will be met with severe penalties.  If you are caught you will meet the following consequences:

Absences: Attendance is a priority.  All students are responsible for all assigned work, even if they are absent.  You are responsible for checking Google Classroom for missed assignments.

Electronic Devices: Cell phones are not permitted in class.  During class they should be in your backpacks and silenced.  Cell phone use will result in a deduction of class participation points.  However, it may behoove you to use a second screen for Google Meets on days you are learning from home.

Class participation: You start every quarter with a class participation grade of 50 points.  You are expected to maintain that 50/50, through regular participating in class.  This does not just mean you speak and answer questions in class, but also come to class prepared.  This means you come into class every day with your notebooks open, the text we are working on out, you’re not always asking me to borrow a pen.  I understand that some of you like to speak more in class, while others may just like to sit back and listen.  If you find that you speak more, be aware of how much conversational space you use in class.  If you prefer to sit back and listen, make an earnest effort to challenge yourself and speak during class.

Extra help: As stated before, do not be afraid to ask for help!  I am here to support your success!  Extra help is always available.  If you need extra help, talk to me before/after class or send me an email and we can arrange a time to meet.

Your first assignment is to submit the course outline with your signature as well as a parent’s/guardian’s signature to Google Classroom to show that both you and your parent/guardian have read and understand what is expected of you in class.

(student’s name) have read the classroom rules and expectations and hereby agree to comply with them through the 2020-2021 school year.

Student’s signature:

Parent/Guardian signature: