Department: English Course: AP English in Languages and Composition Teacher: Mr. Hafker





2020 - 2021


 Note:  You must buy/own all of the above novels/plays so that you may annotate them and fill them with as much marginalia as possible!  

Bring to Class

A spiral notebook with perforated paper and pockets (or a separate English folder), a pen, the required book for the day, your Ipad if there is a vocabulary quiz, and an even greater passion for literature, writing, and life itself (if you don't have the last item, I will help get you one this year!). 

For virtual learning students:  Make sure your Ipad is fully charged the night before.  Your camera must be on the entire class with your face fully visible.  You must be in uniform (SFP polo) and you should be seated in a suitable place (not lying in bed/sofa, etc.).

Your google classroom code and meet link were emailed to you on 9/10.


This course will focus on developing the critical reading and academic writing skills needed in college ­level liberal arts courses.  This course will engage you in a close and insightful reading of fiction, non-­fiction, drama, and poetry.  Works to be examined include novels, stories, poems, and plays, as well as essays, memoirs, and speeches.  Through careful and thoughtful reading, class discussions, and the writing of in class and at home AP sample essays, you will develop the skills and literary vocabulary for analyzing language by identifying key rhetorical strategies and revealing their effective literary power, meaning, and beauty.  By improving your own language skills, and challenging you to immerse yourself in and ponder over the well crafted language of great authors and thinkers, the AP Language and Composition curriculum will prepare you to read, write, and communicate effectively and make an impact in whatever field you choose. 

While reading and discussing these great works, you will learn much about the amazing craft and ART of creating and molding sentences and paragraphs that evoke emotions and new ideas through rhetoric (using diction, syntax, literary devices, imagery, tone, etc. to convey a message/theme), and how you can do the same.  As a result, you will learn more about yourself and what it means to be human; what it means to dream, to fear, to yearn, to ponder, to hope, to believe, to persevere!  

There will be vocabulary exercises and a vocabulary quiz almost every cycle, as well as several classes dedicated to preparing for the English Regents.  

The AP exam takes place in May.



Reading assigned chapters/stories/poems is crucial for a good grade.  If you do not do the readings or assignments you will not pass for the year.  Reflections/ideas will be recorded in a special section of your notebook on a regular basis. Homework assignments (reading responses, etc. done in your notebook) usually count 10 - 30 pts. each.  Each day an assignment is late it drops a grade.  If an assignment is not handed in or quiz/test made up within a week, it receives a zero.   If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check my Prep web page, or email me about makeup exams/homework before you return to class. 


Your quarterly grade will be your total average based on exams, quizzes, essays, homework, and participation.  Exams and essays are worth 100 pts. each, quizzes 30-50 pts., homework assignments will add up to the two h.w./participation grades worth 50 pts., and participation is extra points).  

Bringing the book we're working on to class is part of your 50 pt. participation grade, and 5 pts. will be deducted from your participation grade each time you forget it.

You and your parents are responsible for checking your grades and quarter average on power school on a regular basis to keep track of your progress.


It is your responsibility to be on time. Repeated latenesses will affect your participation grade and will result in a detention and call home.  Inappropriate talking and cell phone/iPad use will not be tolerated in class, and 5 pts. will be deducted from your h.w./participation grade for each violation, and detentions will be given if the severity warrants.  No food or drink is allowed in the classroom.  If you have a water bottle please keep it in your bag, especially since there's no room on your desk.  

The Honor Code will be enforced in this classroom so practice respect for me, yourselves, and each other. Do not copy homework or cheat on tests, raise your hand if you wish to speak, be seated, quiet and ready to work before the bell rings, stay in your seats until the end-of-class bell, no talking when another student or myself is speaking, no rudeness in the classroom, or anywhere for that matter, and most importantly--always do your best!  

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