Department: English Course: English 11 Teacher: Mr. Vispo


Welcome to 11th Grade English Literature! As your English teacher for this year I personally look forward to working with every single one of you. Our goal for this year is to recognize and develop our abilities for analysis, interpretation, creativity, and abstract thinking in both the classroom and our community through English Literature.

All the rules and regulations of Saint Francis Prep will apply in our classroom. In addition, I ask that you adhere to the following standards of my classroom:

I will be going over the procedures of how our class will operate at the beginning of the year. It is your duty as the students of my classroom to follow these procedures throughout the school year.

Every Sunday night, I will be making updates on this web page with your assignments for the upcoming week. You and your parents may e-mail through the web site with any questions, issues, or ideas (websites, articles, etc.) you feel worth sharing.  Please get in the habit of checking the school’s web site on a daily basis. You will make your life so much easier once you get into an online routine. You and your parents can monitor your assignments and progress in class through Power School available to both parents and students.  

*Due to health concerns and remote learning I will be making adjustments to this course outline as we proceed into this school year. Adjustments will be made accordingly.*

Required Materials:

Books we will read this year:

Additional readings will be discussed as the year goes on. In addition to these books we will be reading a variety of short stories including:

Can’t forget the poems! A few poems we will break-down this year include:

You will find most of the shorter readings in the Pearson Common Core Literature Grade 11 textbook. We will be reading a variety of non-fiction texts also included in the textbook. Additional readings will be discussed as the year goes on.

You will also be expected to complete the Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop - Level F workbook found on the Sadlier Connect website. Unit exercises test your knowledge on definitions, synonyms, antonyms and sentence completions. 


  1. Quarterly grades will be based on the total average of all exams, quizzes, essays, homework and classwork. A score of 75 is considered the passing grade for all assignments and assessments. There will be one to two major reading/writing assignments per quarter.
  2. Homework and classwork will have a 24 hour make-up period for partial credit. This excludes assignments such as Sadlier Connect vocabulary assignments that are given multiple days to complete. Projects or essays will be allowed a three-day make-up period after the time it is initially due and will receive deductions from the overall grade for every day the assignment is late. Any work made up after this period will not be accepted. Adjustments may be determined by school-wide technical issues.
  3. Quizzes and exams consisting of only multiple choice will be conducted on Socrative. This includes vocabulary quizzes normally taken on Sadler Connect. Exams will be conducted on Google Forms posted on Google Classroom. All assessments of either type will be granted time at the end of class to properly submit. These assessments must be submitted within the time allotted in the class period. Failure to do so will result in a grade of 0. All extended-written work will be collected on TurnItIn. It is highly recommended written work be done on Google Docs as it is easiest to upload directly into TurnItIn.