Department: English Course: World Literature Honors Teacher: Dr. Lorenz


Syllabus ~ College-Level, World Literature Honors Course ~ 2020-21 ~ Dr. Lorenz

Accredited by St. Francis College

Required Works

Required Materials

Students are required to bring the following materials to class every day:

Course Description

This course represents an early beginning to your college experience. Accredited by St. Francis College, this World Literature Honors course offers you the option to receive college credit provided that you fill out the required forms at guidance, make the required payments and attain the required grade. 

(If you are interested in the college credit option, click "Students" on the SFP homepage, then click "College Credit" and read the relevant information.  See Ms. Williams or Ms. Forte to register and ask any questions that you may have.)  

Remember, however, that this is considered a college-level course whether you elect to pursue the college credit option or not. Like most college courses, it demands of you a greater level of achievement than your earlier high school courses have. 

Course Policies

All students must sign up for our course on MySFP:  Please make sure to input your email address and cell phone number correctly as these are often the most effective way for teachers to notify students if class must be canceled or delayed for some reason.  (NOTE:  MySFP allows teachers to text students who are enrolled in their classes, but the system does not allow teachers or students to see those cell phone numbers.  It maintains student and teacher privacy.)

All upcoming assignments are posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM:  All students will sign up for our class on GOOGLE CLASSROOM and log in daily to check for assignments and announcements, which I will post in the stream on GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  All homework, quizzes, exams and major writing assignments will be announced on this GOOGLE CLASSROOM page, but you should not submit your assignments there, as I explain below.  Students are responsible for completing their homework and written assignments neatly, and on time and will not be reminded to complete any missed work by the teacher.   Because this course is a senior elective and is available for college credit, students are expected to complete all work on time and in a manner that is expected of college-bound individuals.   

All students attending class remotely must do so through GOOGLE CLASSROOM:  On days students will be working from home, they will visit the GOOGLE CLASSROOM page for our class and click on the GOOGLE MEET link that allows students to join the class remotely. Remote students are expected to log in on time for class and remain online and active for the full 40 minute class period.  

All assignments must be submitted on TURNITIN.COM:  All students will sign up for our class on TURNITIN.COM, which is the submissions platform for this class.  (YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS ON TURNITIN.COM TO EARN CREDIT FOR THEM, UNLESS I GIVE YOU EXPLICIT INSTRUCTIONS AND/OR PERMISSION TO SUBMIT YOUR ASSIGNMENT BY SOME OTHER MEANS.)  Homework and classwork assignments should be neat, presented with the proper heading (name and assignment title inside the left margin, class period and date inside the right margin) and handed in on time. These assignments will typically range from 10 to 50 points. 

Late Assignments:  Late assignments will result in a deduction of 5 points for each day (not class) the assignment is late. 

Assignments During an Absence:  If you are home sick from school, you should submit on time any and all assignments due during your absence, or provide medical and/or parental documentation to the attendance office in order to submit it late without penalty.  Students returning from an absence should be prepared to do whatever the class is scheduled to do on that day.  Absence from class one day is not a valid excuse for being unprepared when you are present in class the next day.

Classwork Grade:  Students receive a class work grade worth 50 points for the quarter.  Excessive absence or bathroom use (without a valid doctor's note), lateness, unpreparedness and inappropriate classroom behavior will result in a deduction of points from this grade (approximately 5 points per offense) and repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action.  Should a student choose to cut class, this grade will automatically be reduced by 25 points.  Students are expected to be in dress code, including masks, and to comply with the school cell phone policy. Mask breaks will be given at the end of each class during which time students must remain seated and silent.  Cell phones are NEVER to be out in the classroom.  Students will lose 5 points from the classwork grade for misbehavior each time they are accessing their cell phones, unless the teacher has permitted them to do so. Students will also lose 5 points from the classwork grade for unpreparedness if they arrive at class with a uncharged iPad, and they will lose 5 points from the classwork grade for misuse of technology if they are found doing something other than what the class has been instructed to do. Students are expected to remain on task, working with the class and not checking social media, playing games, using apps, adjusting settings or browsing random sites. iPads must remain flat on the students’ desks at all times. Students, BOTH in class AND remote learning, are prohibited from photographing or recording anything in the class, whether audio or video, without the express permission of the teacher.  Students who do not follow this directive will lose 25 points from their classwork grades AND receive detention for each offense.  Repeated offenses will result in further, more serious disciplinary action, as dictated by SFP's policies.     

Grading Criteria:  Students will be graded on the total points system, meaning that each assignments is weighted according to its significance.  A 100-point grade will have a much larger impact on your grade than a 10-point grade. Though this varies from quarter to quarter, each student's quarterly grade typically consists of approximately 300 to 400 points, divided among several types of assessment:  reading quizzes or tests; assignments submitted in class or outside of class, including writing stages that contribute to longer writing assignments; argumentative, narrative or researched essays; presentations or projects; and a quarterly classwork grade (worth 50 points). Students and parents should remember that a failing grade on a major assessment (a 100-point essay or exam) can dramatically affect a quarterly average, often resulting in failure.  Since each grade is calculated by adding up the total points the student earns and dividing it by the total points possible, each grade is important, but 100-point assessments are especially important. 

Grade Awareness:  New grades are regularly entered into PowerSchool and parents are strongly encouraged to closely monitor their child's progress throughout the quarter.  Any parent who has a question regarding grades should email me at mlorenz[at]  Because this is a senior-level, college-credit class ACTIVE participation is expected of ALL students, BOTH in class and while remote learning.  Silent or sleeping students will not receive full credit on their class work grade.  By contrast, students who provide an exceptional contribution to class will receive extra credit on their quarterly average.

Class Participation:  Class participation will be taken into consideration at grading time and may offer the addition of 1-3 extra credit points per quarter. This is sometimes the only extra credit that will be offered over the course of the quarter.  Contribute to our daily class discussions, and you will be rewarded.