Department: English Course: Studies in Gothic Literature Teacher: Mr. Williams


Mr. Williams: English 12

Studies in Gothic Literature


The Haunting of Hill House- Shirley Jackson

Midnight- Dean Koontz

A large selection of Gothic short stories- Available online

*Other works may be added during the year



Studies in Gothic Literature is a one-semester course. The course will develop an understanding of "Gothic" literature: the study of the mysterious and grotesque. The course will trace the origins and history of gothic literature in Europe and follow the transition of the gothic style into American Literature. The works of Edgar Allan Poe,  Anne Rice,  Joyce Carol Oates and many others will be studied this year. The gothic form will also be explored in popular culture, film, art, and media.


Because this course is a senior elective and is available for college credit, the student is expected to complete all work on time and in a manner that is expected of a college-bound individual. In order to be successful the student must read all material and complete all assignments. How much you read and how well you read will greatly determine your grade for this class.  You will not get by if you don't stay current with you reading assignments.


Rules for Remote Learning:

1. Make sure you are logged in at the correct class time.  This is your responsibility.  Once attendance is taken, I will be focused on teaching my lesson, not on checking my computer screen to see if you have arrived.

2. Make sure you are in dress code at all times.  Again, this is your responsibility.

3. You need to take notes and listen to what's happening inside the classroom.  

4. Please mute yourself after I take attendance, and make sure your camera is on.  Your camera must be focused on you during the entire class.  This isn't optional.  I will spend the last few minutes of every class answering any question a remote learner may have.  Please jot down any questions during the class, and open your mic up when I give you the ok.

5. You are not permitted to record any portion of the class.  I have attached the SFP Personal Use policy for technology at the bottom of the outline.  

Your quarterly and final grade will be based on: