Course Requirements

ourse Requirements



Signora Ruggieri-Marletta                                                       Italian III Honors


Goals/ Objectives: 

In addition to reviewing material taught from the first two years, students will be able to discuss: 

Environmental Issues: pollution, climate change, global warming, deforestation, overpopulation, public health issues, natural disasters, etc. 

Ecology: water, life, plants, food, etc. 

Music: Italian singers. Different types of music. 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to modern day music. 

Art: The Renaissance 

Theater: Italian actors and actresses. Italian movies and films. 

Volunteering: Animal Rescue Shelters, National Parks, Food Pantries, Donating, etc. 

Health: Nutrition, exercise, colds and flu, etc. 

Technology: drones, cyber-attack, artificial intelligence, etc. 

Celebrations: Italian festivities and holidays including Saint and Name days. 

Current Events: educational system, economy, etc.


Verb Tenses: 
Present Tense 
Past Tense 
Present and Past Progressive Tense 
Present Conditional
Subjunctive Tense

Other:  We will also do previous FLACS exams to help with reading, writing, and conversations. 


Italian II and III years: Tursi and Cincinnato 
Cultura Italiana:Edizioni Farinelli
Avventure in Citta: Amsco


-         any type of notebook.

-         at least 2 pens and one pencil.



-    Homework will be assigned occasionally and must be submitted the date and time it is due. All homework assignments are 10 points. For every incomplete homework, 10 points will be deducted from the homework grade.

-    Students are responsible for all classwork and homework missed while absent.

Classroom Procedure: 

-        Talking in class will not be tolerated! 

-        If there is misbehaving, parents will be called. If it still persists he/she will be sent to the Dean and Guidance Counselor. 

-         Every student must be seated in class. 

-         Students must be on time for class.   If a student is constantly late, it will reflect the quarter grade at the end of the quarter. 

-         If a student is caught doing another class' homework in my class it will be confiscated and the parents will be notified. 

-         Notebooks will be checked periodically.  


-  There will be at least 4 exams (100 points each) in addition to projects (at least one during the year), oral presentations, and announced quizzes (10 points to 50 points). 

-  If a student is absent, he/she must make up the exam within two days of his/her return. 

-   Writing/Essay Assignments (Letter Grades) 

                        A+=100 / a="97" / A- = 95 / B+= 93 / B="90" / B- = 87/

                    C+= 85 / C="83" /C- = 80 / D+= 77 / D= 75 / D- =73 / F =55 

-    Short Writing Assignments (20pts) 

 check plus - 20 pts / A check - 15 pts / check minus- 10 pts / no check - 0 pts

-   Participation is an essential part of your grade. I will be using a Participation check point system. All students must receive 50 checks in order to receive a 100%. 

 Class attendance at St. Francis Prep is a major priority. All students are required to complete all required work even if they are absent.  If a student is absent from class 6 or more times for any given quarter, this will be considered excessive absence. This will result in a possible 5  point deduction from the quarterly grade. Please be advised classes missed due to lateness or early dismissal will be included in this group.

 With parents permission and the approval of the administration, Italian III Honors students will be visiting Ellis Island during the Spring Semester or the Metropolitan Museum visit during the Fall Semester. 



1. Students must comply with school policies regarding the use of electronic devices such as cell phones, iPads etc.

2.  Students may NOT use the word reference or any type of google translator in class.

3.  Any electronic device being used should only be on students' desks when the teacher has authorized them to be used.

4.  All students using allowed electronic devices must have the device flat on the desk at all times.

5.  Taking pictures or videos, or recording the teacher is strictly prohibited.

6.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in academic and/or disciplinary consequences.

All if not most assignments and handouts will be posted on Google Classroom. 

Google Classroom Code: 61td8kl