Fiction is a one semester senior course that is offered for college credit.  During the semester, students will read short stories that vary in length and style.  In addition, students will read two or three novels.  The course will continue to emphasize the elements of literature and explore how fiction is developed.  Additionally, students will continue to work on analytical writing skills that will help them to be successful in college.



We will not be using a textbook.  Most assigned readings will be available as pdfs.  You may have to purchase novels.

NOVELS (The following are some of the titles read in the Fiction course. Please wait for specific assignments to be given.)

Ethan Frome

The Great Santini

The Natural

The Awakening

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

In Cold Blood

The Dead

SHORT STORY TITLES (The following is a partial list of the short story titles read in the Fiction class)


"The Story of an Hour"

"A Good Man is Hard to Find"

"Sonny's Blues"


"Babylon Revisited"

"The Lottery"

"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"

"The Chrysanthemums"

"Mother Sauvage"

"Roman Fever"

"Rules of the Game"


"The Man Who Was Almost a Man"


1. Students must have a notebook and a folder.  Students may use iPads for taking notes.

2. Students must be in class on time and prepared for class.

3. Students must be in uniform at all times.

4. Students must present appropriate passes at all times.

5. Cell phones are not permitted in class.

6. Students must wear masks in the classroom.

7.  Students must maintain social distancing in the classroom.

8.  Students must enter meets on time and stay in the meet until they are dismissed.

9. Students must be on camera unless you are told you can be off camera.

10. Students must turn on their mics when instructed to do so.

11. Students should not use the chat unless you are instructed to do so.



1. Students will be quizzed regularly on reading assignments. Quizzes will vary in point value.

2. Students will take literature tests after completing a select group of stories.  Major literature tests are worth 100 points.

3. Students will also continue to work on essay assignments that will focus on literary analysis. Writing assignments will vary in point value.

4. A student’s average will reflect his or her scores on reading quizzes, literature tests, writing assignments and projects

5. The average will be based on a total point system.

6. Students who elect to take the course for college credit must finish with an 80 or above average in order to earn the credit.

There is no final exam.  Each marking period counts for 50% of the final average.


1. All assignments must be handed in on time.  Late assignments will be penalized 5 points each day.

2. Failing to turn in an assignment will result in a zero.

3. Students must make up quizzes and tests immediately.  Failing to make up a quiz or test will result in a zero.

4. Students who miss a quiz or test because of an unexcused absence will receive a zero.

5. Absence does not excuse students from doing work unless there is a medical note.

iPad Policy

Students must comply with school policy regarding iPad use.

Students may only use iPads when approved by the teacher.

Students are not permitted to charge iPads in the classroom.

iPads must be flat on the desk at all times.

Taking pictures, videos or recording is strictly prohibited.

Students must be on the appropriate site.

Failure to comply with iPad policy may result in serious academic and/or disciplinary consequences