(A) Description of the Class:



-Students will become familiar with the game of girls lacrosse.

-Students will be introduced to the basic skills of lacrosse such  as throwing, catching,cradling, scooping, and shooting. 

- Students will learn about the positions in lacrosse and learn how to defend others during the game.

-Students will be given the opportunity to challenge themselves and their defenders using different offensive plays taught to them, throughout the course. Students will also be able to show their creativity in coming up with different plays to use against the opposing team.

-Students will get to experience the idea of a lacrosse game without the hazards of getting hurt.  Students will be playing with plastic sticks and a plastic ball to prevent injury.  If a student feels they need to wear gloves or protective eye wear during class, they are welcome to do so.  


Field Hockey

- Students will be re-introduced to the basic skills of field hockey from sophomore year.  These skills will be reveiwed and practiced.This class will be directed towards a more intermediate level of play.

- Students will be taught different strategies to use during the games such "crossing the ball." These will be practiced in drills. 

-Once the skills and strategies have been practiced, the rules of the game will be reviewed. The students will be placed in games.


(B) Class Requirements


          -Every student is expected to attend class, participate in all activities, and be respectful to the teacher.

            -Everyone should be prepared to lead warm-ups at any given time.


(C) Class Rules


  • Expected to be in class by five minutes after the late bell has rung.
  • Two (2) unexcused lates will result in a detention.
  • Excessive unexcused lateness will negatively affect your grade.
  • If a student cuts a class (an unexcused absence), 25 points will be deducted.
  • Proper attire for class includes sneakers, a St. Francis Prep shirt, and shorts or sweatpants. IF you are missing part of your PE uniform, five points will be deducted off of your final grade each time this occurs.  If you are missing the entire PE uniform, ten points will be deducted off of your final grade each time this occurs.

(D) Grading



Written Quiz- 10%

Participation- 20%

Skills- 35%    

Game play-  35%