Mrs. Beck                                                                                                                    English 9

Welcome to English 9! This year in English, we will be strengthening your writing and analytical skills. We will be focusing primarily on writing a literary essay and analyzing different types of literature (short stories, novels, poems, plays, articles, etc.).

Book Requirements:

At the start of the 20/20-21 school year, all books used in school will be e-books or pdfs found on the iPad.  If you wish to purchase a physical copy for AT HOME use, that is up to you and your family.

Night by Elie Weisel (e-Book or physical copy)

Pearson Common Core Literature English 9 (e-Text)

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (e-Book or physical copy)

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (physical copy only)

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (e-Text)

Additional novel TBA

a selection of poetry

Common Core Readings

Level D Vocabulary Workshop by Sadlier-Oxford (e-Book)


At the start of the 20/20-21 school year, all notes will be taken on the iPad to minimize paper and to help students who may not be able to use lockers.  That being said, make sure your iPads are charged and you have any stylus you might want to use with you each day.


A 3 Subject Spiral Notebook  with pockets is required (Five Star is fine). Students will be required to take certain notes in their notebook.  You are expected to bring your notebook, a pen, #2 pencil, and any book or handout we are currently working from with you to class each day. Each time you are unprepared, FIVE POINTS will be deducted from your participation grade. 



Students’ quarterly grades will be based on quizzes, tests, essays, assignments, homework, projects and participation. Quizzes will be given periodically and may or may not be announced (pop quiz). Class Participation will count as one test grade (100 points) per quarter. Class participation consists of active listening, getting involved in class discussion, raising questions, interacting with other students etc. Repeated lateness to class, cutting, lack of participation, using your cell phone or iPad when you have not been asked to, being unprepared for class, and inappropriate behavior will lower your participation grade.  Cutting class will result in an AUTOMATIC 20 POINT DEDUCTION from your participation grade. If you sit silently all year, it is not possible for you to receive a high participation grade. It is possible to receive a FAILING participation grade!  If you are absent more than 5 times each quarter, it is not possible to get a high participation grade.  


If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to obtain and make up any work missed during his or her absenceAll students are responsible for making up all work missed when absent from class. No student is excused from homework or tests because he/she was absent the day the assignment was given. Late work will be penalized.  


Class Conduct:  Above all, students are expected to behave appropriately. Being disrespectful to myself (Mrs. Beck) or other students WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Also, always remember The Honor Code--cheating-- in any form, is unacceptable.  

By the end of our first day of classes we will have read through these Course Requirements together and have a full understanding of what is expected of us in English Class this year.  There will not be any signing and printing of Course Requirements at this time.


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