St. Francis Prep. Physical Education 786


Description of Class

A. Volleyball

  1. Volleyball will be taught the third quarter of the Spring Semester. This is a more advanced class than when you had volleyball sophmore year.
  2. There will be a review of the basic skills (bump, set, serve). Practice drills will be used to work on these skills and advance them.  The students will learn, through practice, to add some spin to the ball when you serve.
  3. In addition to those skills, time will be spent on learning to spike and block the ball. Along with other defensive and offensive skills and strategies.
  4. In order to be successful at the game of volleyball you not only need the skills needed to participate but you need to cooperate and work with others.  Teamwork and sportsmanship are a huge part of this course.
  5. Once all of this has been covered and the rules have been introduced and reviewed the students will participate in an in class tournament.

 B. Softball

  1. Softball will be taught the 4th quarter of the Spring Semester.
  2. Students will be taught to throw the ball, field the ball (line drives, fly balls, and ground balls), how to bat, how to run the bases, and how to defend the field.
  3. Through drills the students will learn and become more confident in these areas in order to prepare them for game play.  During this time the rules of the game will be introduced to them along with a description of how the game is played.
  4. Once the skills are taught the best way to learn softball is to play softball. Two teams will be formed in the class in order to have organized game play.  Most of this quarter is spent playing 7 inning games.  If the 7 innings are not finished by the end of class the game is continued the following class.
  5. Students will be observed throughout game play and evaluated on their performance both individually and as a team.

General Rules of Physical Education Class

  1. You are expected to be in class 5 minutes after the late bell rings.
  2. TWO unexcused lates will result in detention.
  3. Excessive unexcused lates will negatively effect your grade.
  4. If a student cuts class (an unexcused absence, more than 15 min late to class without a pass) the student will receive 25 points off of their final grade.
  5. Proper attire for class includes sneakers, a St. Francis Prep shirt, and shorts or sweat pants. If you are not prepared for class your grade will be affected. If you are missing part of your PE uniform,five points will be deducted off of your final grade each time this occurs.  If you are missing the complete PE uniform, ten points will be deducted off of your final grade each time this occurs.
  6. No jewelry of any type is to be worn!!!
  7. Medical notes should be brought to the teacher first then you will be sent to the nurse. Please have your Phys. Ed. clothes ready just in case your medical excuse will just limit you from certain activities. If you are completely excused from class, you will be given an out of class written assignment.

Class Requirements

  1. ALL students are expected to attend class, participate in all activities, and cooperate with the teacher.
  2. Setting up and breaking down equipment is expected in volleyball!
  3. Bringing out and putting away the equiment is expected in both volleyball and softball!

Grading Procedure

Your grades will be determined by the following:

  • Skills 35%

              Volleyball: bump, set, spike, serve

               Softball: hitting, fielding, baserunning

  • Game play 35%
  • Participation/Effort 20%
  • Written Exam 10%