SFP Physical Education - 7850 - Golf/Paddleball

Rules and Regulations


  • All students are required to change into clothing that have St. Francis Prep on the article. You must wear a Prep shirt and athletic shorts or sweatpants. Jeans, sweaters, boots, or other articles of clothing which are acceptable during school dress-down days are not accepted as part of your Physical Education uniform. You must also wear sneakers with laces.
  • Each infraction is minus five (-5). Put simply, this means that if you changed your shirt but not your pants, you get -5 points from your final grade. If you do not change at all, it is a total of -10 (-5 for shirt, -5 for pants). Not wearing sneakers is considered not being prepared as well and counts as if you were wearing your school pants.


  • First cut is a mandatory twenty five (25) points off of the final grade for the quarter. This is departmental policy and CANNOT be negotiated.
  • Class begins five (5) minutes after the bell sounds to begin the period. You should be in your floor spots for attendance. If you are not in the designated area for class when attendance is taken, you will be marked late. Two (2) latenesses will result in a detention with the Deans. Chronic latenesses will be reported to the Deans and further actions to determine consequences will be taken at that time.
  • If you are more than fifteen (15) minutes late for class, you will be marked as cutting class.
  • If you have three or more absences, classes must be made up during free periods or written reports must be submitted to receive a grade other than AB (insufficient attendance).


  • If you are medically excused from class you must still change for class unless you are in a brace or cast.
  • If you have a note from your parents you must still dress for class.
  • You must present a doctor's note for more than two excused classes.
  • For extended medical excuse students will be asked to present written reports. Half a semester excused would equal a five page paper and a full semester excused would equal a ten page paper. Students must work on the assignments during class time and report to class daily for attendance.

General Grading

  • Participation                                    25%
  • Improvement                                  25%
  • Cooperation                                     25%
  • Written and Practical Exams              25%

Please note that your general attitude is evaluated in the Participation and Cooperation portions of my grading scale. Skills that you learn throughout will be tested throughout the quarter by various means, which qualify as practical exams. Any questions you have about my grading methods, please see me after class.


  • All students must be standing and quiet during the prayer.
  • No food, drink or loitering is allowed during class time.
  • Remove locks and items from lockers after EACH class.
  • Any intentional destruction of equipment will be liable to payment/replacement.
  • For abbreviated schedule dress unless otherwise instructed.
  • Course failures must be made up in SFP summer school.

Class Routine

  • Class will meet in the Gymnasium unless otherwise instructed. Please look at the board outside of the locker room for instruction on where to meet.
  • Attendance
  • Warm-up
  • Equipment distribution
  • Review from previous class
  • Skill instruction
  • Participation
  • Equipment collection
  • Closure
  • Dismissal seven (7) minutes before the end of the period.

Any questions please feel free to ask me.