Global History & Geography I Honors                                                 

Mr. Kruger

  (718) 423-8810 Ext. 236

Global History & Geography I Honors is an in-depth approach to studying the history of mankind, beginning with Prehistory and ending with the Age of Reason. The program stresses the connections between regions, nations and peoples.  The areas, periods and concepts covered include:

Prehistory and the Neolithic Age

First Civilizations of Asia and Africa

Empires of India and China

Early Civilizations in the Americas

The Rise of Europe - Early and High Middle Ages

The Byzantine Empire and Russia

The Muslim World

Kingdoms and Trading States of Africa

Renaissance and the Reformation

Exploration and Colonization

Age of Absolute Monarchs


Supplies: Students are to bring pens and pencils, their Global I Honors notebook/IPAD, a binder or folder for handouts, and their textbook to every class. Textbooks are to be covered.

Homework: Students usually will have a reading assignment and/or written homework every evening. Students are responsible for homework assignments even if absent from class. It is the student’s responsibility to get the telephone number and/or email address of at least two members of the class who he/she can contact if absent from school. Late homework assignments will not be accepted.

Grading Policy: There will be 3-4 tests each quarter and an unspecified number of quizzes. All tests and some quizzes will be announced in advance. Some quizzes will also be given without notice. Tests will make up approximately 65% of the grade, quizzes 15%, homework and classroom participation 20%. Students should be prepared and ready to contribute to class each day.

    The instructor will assign quarterly projects, which would be worth as much as a test in determining the quarter grade.

Cheating: Anyone cheating, giving or receiving answers, or plagiarizing will receive a zero for that test, quiz, homework assignment, quarterly project etc. Please consult the school honor code for more details.

Attendance: Class attendance at St. Francis Prep is a major priority. Absences do not excuse classwork, assignments or exams. In case of absence, it is your responsibility to make up all classwork/exams/quizzes and submit all assignments that are due in the appropriate time frame discussed by the teacher. Until assignments/exams are completed, a zero will be placed into PowerSchool. There are no exceptions. If a student is absent from class six or more times for any given quarter, this will be considered excessive absence. This will result in a mandatory five point deduction from the quarterly grade. Please be advised that classes missed due to lateness or early dismissal will be included in this group. Missed absences resulting from school retreats, school trips and official appointments in the school building should not be included in the total number of absences.


I  understand the Global I Honors course goals and requirements and will adhere to them:

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