Regent’s Earth Science

(Course will terminate with a New York State Regents Examination in June 2022)

Mr. P. Cohen                                                                             Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Office hours by request via google meets


Supplies needed

1.  Prentice Hall Brief Review of Earth Science.  It will be available for purchase in the SFP bookstore ($20).

2.  A four function scientific calculator

3.  One box of tissues (typically for cold/allergy season, so forget this one for now.  If you are sneezing, you're going home)

4.  A fully charged, updated iPad ready every day. 

Course requirements

·         Exams 40%, quiz 10%, Lab 25%, Homework/Classwork 20% (all exams will be 10% or more cumulative).

·         There will be 2-3 exams per marking period (Exam questions are taken from past NYS regents and may be of any type. Exams may include laboratory components such as demonstrating a practical knowledge of lab skills). Missed exams require a doctor's note and may be short answer or essay.

·         Quizzes may or may not be announced  Any assignment may be declared a quiz.

·         Completion of all lab experiments (totaling 1200 lab minutes) is required in order to take the NYS regents exam (NY State requirement).  Missed labs will be made up by necessity.

  • Students may NOT record/photograph etc at anytime during class without the express written consent of everyone in the room.  All must adhere to the acceptable use policy regarding electronic devices.  See SFP web page for details.
  • Late homework/classwork assignments are not accepted for credit.  
  • All assignments handed in electronically must be done via Notability and in your own handwriting.  NO pictures of assignments are permitted! The exception being certain sections of typed lab reports submitted through
  • Late lab assignments and or lab reports are automatically 45% off as are any assignments not formatted in APA with a work cited page and in text citations.
  • Improper use of electronics in class, such as the viewing of video's, playing games or any off task use is strictly prohibited and will result in a dean's detention.
  • All must wear a mask in school building.  Maintain social distancing.
  • If you wish, you may bring in antibacterial wipes to clean your desk, chairs and hands.  Desks will be cleaned each period by school staffers.
  • According to the CDC We are not allowed to give you any wipes or have you clean the desks.  BUT, we will not stop you from providing your own (yes, i know it's weird).


Earth Science is a regents course and will terminate with a lab practical (date TBA) and a NYS regents exam (see for more info). We will follow the order of topics in the Prentice Hall Brief Review in Earth Science: The Physical Setting.