P.E. 788 - Yoga and Tai Chi



Levels : This course is offered to Junior and Senior boys and girls.


Course Description:



     Tai-Chi -  During this quarter, the students will be introduced to Tai Chi Chuan, a Taoist form of exercise and active meditation.  Tai Chi is practiced for the development of sensitivity, to increase levels of awareness, strength, and stamina. Tai Chi is an activity that students can do for the rest of their lives. 



      Yoga- During the second half of the semester, the students will be introduced to Yoga.  Yoga is practiced for the development of flexibility, relaxation, meditation, and strength.  The students will be learning Hatha Yoga.


Tai Chi - The students will develop an awareness of their body and spirituality, and increase their levels of strength and stamina through this Taoist form of exercise and active meditation. The students will develop the understanding that their lower body is the center of their "energy or chi" and that the upper body is fluid motion.  The students will be responsible for learning the "Embrace The Moon" Form.  



     YogaThe students will be able to perform different poses and asanas that will increase their level of flexibility, strength, and relaxation techniques. The students will have a better understanding of body control through the learning of "The Sun Salutation".



General Rules and Requirements of Physical Education Class:



  • Expected to be in class by five minutes after the late bell has rung.
  • Two (2) unexcused lates will result in a detention or deduction in grade.
  • Excessive unexcused lates will negatively affect your grade.
  • If a student cuts a class (an unexcused absence), 25 points will be deducted.
  • Students need to wear the required PE uniform (10 pts for full uniform, 5 pts for each item missing)
  • No cell phone allowed in class
  • Must have all belongings locked up in locker room with a school lock (5 pt deduction)

Grading Procedures:
40% - Skills (Embrace the Moon or Sun Salutation)
40% - Participation (attendance, lateness, uniform, effort, enthusiasm, attitude)
20% - Quiz