St. Francis Prep. Physical Education Rules & Regulations

1. Uniforms


  • a. Are required to wear the gray St. Francis Prep (SFP) T-shirt and blue SFP shorts with socks and sneakers to all physical education classes.
  • b.There is also the optional blue SFP sweat suit (hooded sweat shirt and sweat pants).
  • c. No other clothes will be accepted as part as physical education uniform.
  • d. Five points off final grade for each infraction.

2. Attendance

  • a. The first cut is a mandatory twenty-five points off the final average for that quarter.
  • b. Class begins five minutes after the bell to start the period rings. If you are not in your classes designated area you are late. Two lateness' equals detention with the deans.
  • c. Lateness fifteen minutes after the start of the period is considered a cut class.
  • d. Three times or more absent must be made up during free periods or written reports must be submitted to receive a grade other than AB (insufficient attendance).

3. Medical

  • a. If you are medically excused from class you must still change for class unless you are in a brace or cast..
  • b. If you have a note from your parents you must still dress for class.
  • c. You must present a doctor's note for more than two excused classes.
  • d. For extended medical excuse students will be asked to present written reports. Half a semester excused would equal a five page paper and a full semester excused would equal a ten page paper. Students must work on the assignments during class time and report to class daily for attendance.

4. General Grading

  • a. Participation
  • b. Improvement
  • c. Performance
  • d. Attitude
  • e. Cooperation
  • f. Written and Practical Exams

5. Miscellaneous

  • a. All students must be standing and quiet during the prayer.
  • b. No food, drink or loitering is allowed during class time.
  • c. Girls choose lockers (frosh choose bottom row). Boys remove locks daily.
  • d. Any intentional destruction of equipment will be liable to payment/replacement.
  • e. For abbreviated schedule dress unless otherwise instructed.
  • f. Course failures must be made up in SFP summer school.

6. Class Routine

  • a. Attendance, to begin five minutes after bell.
  • b. Warm-up and equipment distribution.
  • c. Skill instruction.
  • d. Class participation.
  • e. Equipment collection
  • f. Dismissal is seven minutes before the end of the period.

All Physical Education classes are mandatory and each student must change for class. The dress code for class is strictly enforced and is one of the main reasons why some students receive lower grades than they are capable of achieving.

Quarterly courses offered are;

First Quarter - Basketball

Second Quarter - Volleyball (coed)

Third Quarter - Track & Field (boys)/Modern Dance (girls)

Fourth Quarter - Lacrosse (boys)/Field Hockey (girls)