Nutrition                                                                                           Mrs. Turner 


How food affects you                                                                          Dieting                         

How you rate nutritionally                                                                    Body Weight

Physiology of nutrition                                                                         Eating disorders

Water, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein                                            Nutrition and disease                                                                 Vitamins, minerals, and supplements                                                     Ethnic/Religious Diets                              

Energy needs/problems                                                                        Growing/preparing/cooking with herbs  

-We will begin each class with a prayer.

-Every student is required to have a separate nutrition notebook and or IPAD (with folder) in class everyday along with handouts, worksheets, etc.   Ipads and other electronic devices are for educational use only in the classroom.     Your name must be on your notebook, worksheets, and textbook.

-Any student unprepared for class will receive a zero for the day.  Homework/classroom assignments are to be clear, legible, and handed in on time.   Assignments are not accepted late. 

You are not permitted to plagiarize. You are not permitted to use/borrow/ or photograph another student’s work.  This will result in a violation of the honor code.   

-ABSENCE – if you are absent you are required and responsible for all notes, materials, and assignments.  A zero will be posted on power school for any assignment/test missed.  You may e-mail me at for information.   Please read SFP class attendance policy posted on our webpage.  All students must notify me in advance if you will be absent from class for a school trip, retreat, etc.  If you are leaving school for a field trip or retreat all assignments due that day must be turned in before you leave school.

* You are required to check the website/google classroom daily for updates and new assignments.   It will be your responsibility to print work from the website.  Check your sfp Gmail and google classroom account daily.

-Make-up exams will be given at the teacher’s discretion.   Make-up exams are given before or after school on a specific day to be scheduled.  No exams will be given during class time, free periods, or lunch.   Illegal absence or cheating will result in a zero.  Failure to take a make-up test will result in a zero.

-GRADING- Grades are calculated by a total points system.  Each test or assignment will have a point value.  Your quarter average will be determined by the amount of points you earn for each task.

-TESTS – there are several exams a quarter.  Test scores are generally based on 100 points.

-Students will be given an opportunity to use the rest room before an exam/quiz.  Once the assessment begins you will not be permitted to leave the room until the end of class.  If there is an emergency - your test or assessment will be invalid and a make-up will be scheduled.

-ASSIGNMENTS – You will also receive points for your notebook, homework, class work, and individual or group projects. 

-LATENESS – the only thing an unexcused lateness does is disrupt the class.  For each lateness one point will be subtracted from your average.

-CUTTING – is unacceptable.  Five points will be subtracted from your average.

-PARTICIPATION – Class participation is not optional; it is essential.   Be attentive, be prepared, and ask/answer questions.  Be engaged in class and always be respectful.

-You are expected to abide by the rules set in the school calendar at all times.

-All cell phones, iPods, headphones, etc. are to be turned off and out of sight during class.  Academic (loss of points) and disciplinary action will result.  

-You are expected to be in dress code at all times. 

-There is no food or beverage permitted in the classroom.

-If you need to use the bathroom please place you cell phone on my desk until you return.

-Cell phone use is not permitted in class.  If your phone is out it will be taken away until the end of class with an academic penalty.

-.Do not misuse IPADS or any other electronic devices in class; IPADS are to be used for academic purposes only.  

-Checking mail, texting, playing  games or visiting other sites is not permitted.  You are not permitted to take photos, videotape or record in this classroom.  Misuse of these devices will jeopardize your privilege of using your IPAD in class. 

-Review the “SFP technology acceptable use policy” on the website under IPADS and technology.

-We will always treat each other with kindness, respect, and consideration.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to see me.

-Honor Code is in effect at all times.

****It is my responsibility to check my grades on power school daily and address any questions or discrepancies immediately.  Grades will not be adjusted at the end of the quarter.  If you cannot access power school please contact the technology department.