Algebra 2A                             2019-20 Course Description            Mr. McCormack

Course Goals

1) Students will become successful math students.  Students will do this by learning how to be organized and how to prepare for tests and quizzes.  The key to reaching this goal is doing homework properly, carefully, completely, and consistently.

2) Students will be able to pass a cumulative department final in June.

3) THERE IS NO REGENTS EXAM FOR THIS COURSE.  If you took Geometry last year and wish to take the NYS Common Core Regents in Algebra 2 and Trigonometry, you need to see your guidance counselor to change your course to a regular Algebra 2 class.

Equipment (must be in class EVERY DAY):

1) Calculator and iPad (we will not be using our iPads for daily class notes, but we still need it everyday.)

 2) Notebook or Binder for daily class notes (It’s your choice which you want to use.)


3) Folder:  The majority of your work will be will be handouts in class or worksheets taken off the school website.  It is very important that you be extremely organized and keep all papers in your folder.  

** Failure to be prepared will result in 7:30AM detention the following day.  It does not take any math ability to be prepared for class with the required materials.**

Class Policies

* All students are expected to be ready to work when the class bell rings.  That means being in your seat with the appropriate materials (notebook, pen/pencil, calculator, etc) on your desk.

* Failure to have your calculator in class will result in you not being allowed to use the calculator on the next quiz or exam.  

* Students are expected to come prepared for each test or quiz.  That includes bringing in a pen or a pencil and your own calculator.  THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTLEY NO BORROWING OF CALCULATORS DURING CLASS, A QUIZ OR AN EXAM.  If you forget your calculator you will be sent to your locker to get it (and you will lose that time on the exam).  If it is not in your locker, you will have to take the quiz or exam without the calculator.  

* “Dead batteries” is not a valid excuse.  When your batteries are going dead the calculator displays a warning message.  Replace the batteries.   If you have a chargeable calculator, make sure it is charged.


Quarterly Grade:

100% Exams and Quizzes

Performance on exams and quizzes are a good barometer of how well you understand the material.  Thus, they will be the main factors in determining you grade.  There will be at least 3 major exams each quarter.  All exams will be announced at least 3 days in advance.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced, so be prepared each day you come to this class.   

If you miss a test or a quiz due to absence, it is your responsibility to email me at [email protected] BEFORE YOU RETURN TO SCHOOL to schedule a time to make up the missed test or quiz before school or during a free period.

Failure to do so will result in the student receiving a zero on that test or quiz.

All announced quizzes and tests will have a formal review sheet.   For quizzes the review sheet will be given any day from 1-3 school days before the quiz.  For tests the review sheet will be given any day from 3-7 school days before the test.  These review assignments are normally due either the day before or the day the quiz/test is being given.    

These review sheets are considered to be part of the quiz/test.  Failure to complete the review sheet will result in a 25% reduction in the given quiz/test.  

            The reason why such a large emphasis is based on test and quiz performance is that when students sit for any type of standardized exam, there are no extra points given for class participation and homework.  I do not want any student having a false sense of confidence because they had inflated grades during the year due to having high grades in homework and class participation.





How your grade is calculated

1) Add up all your grades.  
2) Divide that sum by the total amount of possible points.
 3) Multiply the result by 100.

Suppose there were 4 100-point tests and you got 89, 94, 96, and 99.  Then there were 4 quizzes and you got 28/30, 18/20, 9/10, and 19/20.  The total possible points you could have gotten were 480.  The points that you earned were 452 points or 452/480.  That gives you an average 94.1667.  This would give you a 94 for your quarter (report card) grade.


Final Grade

The final average will be an average of the four quarters and a final exam.   The 4 quarters and the final will count for 20% each.


Homework and Class Participation

Even though homework and class participation is not counted in your grade for the class, it is extremely important to doing well in the class.  I cannot stress this enough.  The two most important factors in doing well is being engaged in class and putting time and effort you’re your daily homework.

Homework will be assigned everyday.  Daily homework assignments are to be copied into your agenda.  If your homework is not done or incomplete you will come in the following day at 7:30 with the homework done. 

If you fail to serve your detention (this includes being late) you will have a point deducted from your QUARTER AVERAGE.

No student is excused from this policy.  If it’s difficult for you to get to school that early, make sure your homework is done.  Frequent participation in class discussions is essential to doing well in this class.


Extra Help

If you feel you are having any problems with the material covered in class, please see me right away.  Math tends to build on what we did the on the previous days and weeks.  So if you don’t understand a particular topic and you don’t take care of it, it will probably affect you for a while.  Some problems can be dealt with in just a few minutes.  Some take a little more time.  Either way, make the effort to come to extra help if you need it.

Extra help will be available every day before school (7:30).  Extra help will be given in room E014 on most days.  On mornings of days 3 and 5 it is available in the cafeteria after 7:40.  

You do not need to come in at 7:30 for extra help.  I only offer it that early because some students have class at 7:40.

I will never mandate you to come to extra help.  I believe it is your responsibility to take action if you are having problems.  I will help you every day if you want.  Please do not wait until the day of the test to come for extra help.  Those days are usually very busy and you won’t get the one on one attention that is most effective.

                If you have any questions regarding dates of tests/quizzes or homework, you can check the school website or reach me by email at [email protected]org.  



I expect each student to respect all the other students in the class.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a classroom environment conducive to learning.   Distractions can hinder other students’ performance in class. Therefore, talking, calling out, nor any other misbehavior will be tolerated.   

If your behavior warrants detention you will serve detention the following day at 7:30.  If it’s difficult for you to get to school that early, make sure you do not do anything that would result in your getting detention.   It does not take any math ability to behave in class.

If you fail to serve your detention (this includes being late) you will have a point deducted from your QUARTER AVERAGE.




            I would urge you to sign up for access to the online grading system, PowerSchool, as soon as you can.  I would also urge you to check up on your child’s performance regularly.  I will do my very best to get grades on tests and quizzes into the system as quickly as possible.  I cannot stress enough how invaluable this tool has been to some parents since it gone into use.  It helps you identify problems in a timely fashion.  Which in turn allows correction of these problems before it is too late.

If you need to contact me for any reason I prefer to communicate by email.  You can reach me at [email protected]org .  If that is inconvenient, you can contact via phone in the Math Department office at (718) 423-8810, x-228.  I will check email regularly (a few times each day) during the week.  I check less frequently on the weekends, but will do my best to answer in a timely fashion.


Student and Parent Signatures

 I have read and fully understood all the material above. 



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