Regents Chemistry (1320/1321)                 Chemistry Requirements 




Teacher: Mr. Donnelly                                  Email:




Key Learning Intentions


1.      To develop a high level of competence in the following areas


a.      Chemistry knowledge


b.      Application of mathematical skills and knowledge of Chemistry in problem solving


c.      Develop knowledge and skills in the scientific method and laboratory procedures


2.      To complete both the NYS Regents Chemistry Curriculum, and its Regents examination in June.


3.      To complete approximately 20 hours of laboratory work with its associated laboratory reports. (Required for Regents)


4.      Further explore possibilities in Science education and research.




Regents Chemistry Curriculum




Laboratory Requirements


1200 minutes (20 hours) of laboratory experience and satisfactory laboratory reports on file. This will entail a minimum of fifteen 80 minute periods of laboratory work. (Lab reports are required for Regents Chemistry examinations and WILL BE kept together in GOOGLE DRIVE as well as being uploaded to TURNITIN.COM as evidence of lab work completed.) 

Course Content


1.      Physical Behavior of Matter


2.      Atomic Concepts


3.      Nuclear Chemistry


4.      Periodic Table


5.      Chemical Bonding


6.      Moles/Stoichiometry


7.      Kinetics/Equilibrium


8.      Acids, Bases, and Salts


9.      Oxidation-Reduction


10.    Organic Chemistry



Required Materials  

Digital Text book: Pearson Chemistry by A.C. Wilbraham, D.D. Staley, M.S. Matta and E.L. Waterman (Pearson Education Inc. 2017). Electronic textbooks will be available during the first week of classes.

Review book: Brief Review for New York Chemistry the Physical Setting (Prentice Hall publication, 2020 edition). This is used for classwork and reviewing covered content. This is available in the SFP bookstore for approximately $20.

Also required: The SFP iPad is used for Google Classroom assignments, and data logger work, a notebook should be used only for Chemistry notes, a second notebook is useful to record data and rough work in lab, keep a folder to store homework, tests, quizzes; these are extremely useful for review work, especially towards the end of the year for Regents review, pens, HB pencil, pencil eraser, sharpener, ruler (metric units of measurement), a scientific calculator.

N.B. Graphing or programmable calculators such as TI-84/85 are not permitted in New York State Regents examinations. A simple cheap 4 function or scientific calculator should be used in class.

Grading Policy

All grades are given as a percent value. Because a test is more important than a homework, quarter grades and final grades are calculated by using a weighted average from each of the four areas below. A cumulative exam will be given at the end of each quarter. The New York State Regents examination will make up 10% of the Final Grade for the year




















Tests: These will be given at the end of each major unit. Students usually have 2 or 3 tests per quarter. Students will be given 1 week notice of each test for independent review.


Quizzes: Quizzes will be announced 1 or 2 days before being given, and will cover smaller sections of each unit covered.


Labs: Students will complete on average 2 full length lab reports per quarter as well as numerous abbreviated reports. Digital copies of most lab reports need to be uploaded to Uploaded labs must be in either PDF of Word file types. Plagiarism and copying are forbidden and will be dealt with under the school policy.


Homework: It is expected that a student's homework is completed with care and diligence. Regular homework assignments are an important part of the learning process. It is used for review purposes, for continuation of work that is not able to be completed in class because of time constraints and for reinforcing concepts learnt.


Extra Help: Extra help is offered by all Chemistry teachers throughout the year. It is very important that students make use of this service as much as they can. The course can be challenging at times.


Attendance: Regular class attendance at St. Francis Prep is a major priority. Students are required to complete all required work even if they are absent. If a student is absent from class 6 or more days for any given quarter, this will be considered excessive absence. This may result in a mandatory 5-point deduction from the quarterly grade. Please be advised classes missed due to lateness or early dismissal will be included in this group.


Electronic Device Use: Use of pads and other similar devices in the classroom is at the discretion of the teacher. Students are not allowed to use their phones during class time. Inappropriate non-academic use of technology in the classroom will be dealt with by the Dean’s Office. Please review the school’s Acceptable Usage policy in this regard.