Music 2516                                                                            AP Music Theory
GRADE 11-12                                                                       2018 – 19    Full Year


This is a knowledge development course dealing with melody, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, cadences, figured bass, modulation, form & analysis, four-part writing, sight singing, and melodic/rhythmic dictation.

OBJECTIVES:   (General)

To help student’s develop audiation skills.

To deepen the student’s perception of their musical experiences.

To develop a vocabulary which would equip the student to communicate in the language of musical notation.

To prepare students for an advanced study of music theory both in college and graduate school.


To construct all major, minor and modal and non-western scales.

To sing on sight diatonic melodies. To harmonize selected melodies.

To read and perform in designated clefs. To interpret rhythmic and melodic dictation.

To identify and perform rhythm in various time signatures of simple, compound and complex meters.  

To be able to manipulate and analyze non-harmonic tones in respect to composition.

To identify and utilize figured bass notation, and manipulate voice leading principles in relation to four part harmony.

To analyze and construct various cadences in respect to composition.

To analyze and construct various modulations, secondary dominants, and secondary leading tones in respect to composition.


The class will follow an all-inclusive discussion format, as well as keeping the students as actively involved as possible. The teacher will implement call and response audiation drills, harmonic and melodic dictation, and sight singing exercises. Students will develop part-writing skills in order to put all their theory skills on display.  The program is designed to prepare students for the AP Music Theory examination and will cover all such topics.  Students will come away with an understanding of what music theory is beyond the basic knowledge of scales and key signatures and be prepared for college music theory studies

AP Exam Date: Friday May 17, 2019 (AM Exam)

Academic Honesty: All students must adhere to all school rules about plagiarism and academic fraud.  Any student caught cheating will receive an honor code violation and receive a 0 for that assignment.

Students will be advised verbally if a pattern occurs that will lead to a lower or failing grade.  Parents will also be notified immediately if a student is failing. 


The final grade for the course will be an average of all four quarters (20% each) and a final grade (20%). 


The details of this syllabus are subject to change, but the overall format will remain the same.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and should have fun exploring the world of music theory.  Students and parents may feel free to contact me at