Music 2250                                                                                Percussion
 GRADE 10                                                                             2020 – 21    Full-Year

        Percussion is a skill development class that introduces the beginning student to the family of percussion instruments. Students will learn drumming and mallet percussion. Students wishing to continue studying percussion after this year may audition into one of the percussion ensembles.


 -Each student is required to attend all classes and report to class promptly with sticks and music when needed.  Excessive lateness can be met with point penalization and/or detentions.  

-Each class will start with a brief prayer, moment of silence, or time for self-reflection.  Any student who interrupts this will be penalized and/or given detentions.  Use this time to clear your mind of outside distractors or just enjoy the quiet during a hectic high school day.  

-Students must display proper respect at all times to their teachers, their classmates, and most importantly, display self-respect in their attitude and their work.  Failure to maintain decorum in the classroom will result in point penalization and/or detentions.  Do not make this a habit.  

-Students will be expected to adhere to any and all Rules (as found in the Calendar), including but not limited to the Honor Code.  


-Purchase Sticks.  This year's stick cost is $10.  It will be due early in the First Quarter.  You can pay with cash or a check made out to St. Francis Prep.

-Practice.  Students will not receive formal homework, but should practice.  I recommend a half-hour to one hour a week.  Failure to practice will become apparent in class after time and will lower performance-based grades.  


Topics Covered:

-Quarter 1: How to read music; How to hold the stick; Basic warm-ups; Developing hand strength; Playing in time  

-Quarter 2: More complex rhythms; Drum rolls; Flams/Drags; Playing duets; Prepare for Beginner’s Concert Performance (Jan. 17)  

-Quarter 3: Mallet Percussion. How to read melody; Basic mallet technique; C Major scale  

-Quarter 4: Continue Mallet percussion, more complex rhythms, F Major scale, sixteenth notes, G Major scale


Grading Policy:  


-Performance Tests are worth 100 points.  

-Quizzes are worth 50 points.  

-Other assignments may be worth 10 or 25 points.  

-The Beginner’s Concert is worth 100 points.  

-There will be a mid-quarter and end of quarter Participation/Classwork grade that will each be worth 100 points.  


Beginner’s Concert:  

-The Beginner’s Concert is scheduled for January 15, 2021.

-More information will be provided closer to the concert date due to COVID-19 restrictions about potential dress rehearsals and how the concert may proceed

Final Notes:  


Students will be advised verbally if a pattern occurs that will lead to a lower or failing grade.  Parents will also be notified immediately if a student is failing. 

The final grade for the course will be an average of all four quarters (20% each) and the final exam (20%).

The details of this syllabus are subject to change, but the overall format will remain the same.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and should have fun exploring the world of percussion.  Students and parents may feel free to contact me at [email protected].