Health and Physical Education Department

Health Education                                                                   Mr. P. McLaughlin

2021-22 School Year                                                             Fall Semester

Course Description:

Welcome! The primary goal of this course is for every student to learn positive  patterns of living and select behaviors that  would lead to a healthy lifestyle.  Students will understand that a single  healthful or risk behavior affects  the  whole person.

Areas of Study:

1. Holistic Health

2. Noncommunicable Disease

3. Communicable Diseases

4. Mental Health

5. Substance Use and Abuse

6. Nutrition

7. Exercise and Fitness

8. Mindset

Additional Reading

Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., Ballantine Books, 2006 (Must be purchased by September 21)

Course Rules and Regulations:

> Every student must observe the dress code as stated in  the school calendar.

>  Every  student is required to have a  Health  notebook/iPad  in class everyday along with any hand-outs that were distributed during a previous class.

>  Absence: Students are responsible for  notes,  assignments and  other information given during a lesson that was  missed because  of an absence of any kind from class. Every  student should take the contact information of two students in the class  to contact in the event of an absence. A penalty will be applied to the quarterly grade for excessive absence.

>Review the school policy on cell phones in the school calendar.

>  Honor Code: Dishonesty on an exam or in any other aspects of  the  class will result in an honor code violation.

> Lateness: for each lateness, points will be deducted from a student's class participation grade.

Grading Policy:

- Grades are calculated on a total points system which consists of 400 points. There will be two 100 point assessments along with 10, 25 and 50 point assessments. A comprehensive Book report will be due at the conclusion of the semester (date to be announced). A checkpoint book report will be due at the end of the first quarter.