AP Macroeconomics Syllabus


Mrs. Camus



The AP Macroeconomics course is designed as an initial college-level course in macroeconomics and as a foundation for possible future study in economics or business.  The student’s goal of the course is to prepare for the AP Exam.





Krugman’s Macroeconomics for AP 2nd Edition


Jacob Clifford- workbook: $20 per student





Classroom Rules / Policy:

  1. Be on time to class EVERYDAY!
  2. If your Cohort is remote you must be on time logged into Google Meets.
  3. If your Cohort is remote you must be in your SFP Polo and have your Lanyard on, you must also be on screen at all times and be at a desk or table.. you also must also have headphone or airpods on.. this will help you concentrate on the class and ensure that only you will be listening to the class.. there is no eating while on the google meets and please make sure to use the bathroom while you are waiting to start class (while you are not logged in to the meet)
  4. Be prepared to learn and/or participate in class activities and class discussions.
  5. Be respectful of course material, classmates, teachers, and guests that will be in our presence.
  6. Do 100% of your own work. Under no circumstances will cheating, copying, or plagiarism of any kind be tolerated in this class. Unauthentic work will result in an automatic zero, as well as an Honor Code Violation
  7. If you are absent you are responsible for any and all work due upon your return to class
  8. Class cutting will not be accepted and results in an automatic failure of the class.
  9. Phone use is strictly prohibited- NO texting- No checking the time etc- If you are caught texting (and I will catch you) you loose 15 pts off your class participation grade each time I catch you—this is your warning!


Homework / Grading Policies:

Your Grade is based on Total Points

“The measure of a great AP class isn’t your grade at the end of it, but rather your knowledge and interest in the material in which it was meant to provide.”
 ~ Craig M. Grimm


 Readings / Homework:
 In order to be successful in this college-level course, you must complete all readings and assignments prior to class discussions. Course readings are substantial and essential to your success in the class, as they will figure prominently in quizzes and examinations. In my mind this is your most important class!!!



Term quizzes and pop up quizzes will be given through out the quarter.  Unit outlines that are handed in on the day of a Unit test are counted as quizzes. 

Tests are given at the end of a Unit and are comprised of Multiple Choice and an FRQ. Tests are worth 

All Multiple Choice and FRQ's will be completed on Socrative and will be done within the class period.

Term/Vocabulary/Identification Assignments are due for each Unit the day before the test


All assignments/projects etc are expected to be handed in on time.  


Assignments will be due by 8:25am on the due date. 


Any assignment uploaded after this date and time will not be accepted.  


Be sure to complete and upload the assignments in a timely manner.


If you are absent the day of a test or quiz you must be prepared to take the test/quiz the day you return.  

If there is a serious reason why you are unable to hand in an assignment or take a test you MUST see me before class to discuss.


“Absences do not excuse classwork, assignments or exams. In case of absence, it is your responsibility to make up all classwork/exams/quizzes and submit all assignments that are due in the appropriate time frame discussed by the teacher. Until assignments/exams are completed, a zero will be placed into PowerSchool. There are no exceptions.” 


If you fall behind in this class please do not hesitate to contact me to set up an appointment or see me after class for any questions/concerns you may have.



The teacher has the right to revise the syllabus at any time. If a revision takes place, the teacher will notify all students in writing.


Students in all Social Studies classes are expected to use good digital citizenship while in class as well as while learning remotely. Students may only use the technological mediums/apps that are approved by the teacher. Students must have cameras turned on at all times when learning remotely. Students may not post any material that does not uphold the Franciscan mission and values. Students may not bully or use profanities in chats and must follow the teacher’s directives regarding posting in chats.  No one may record or photograph any part of any class without the expressed consent of the teacher, nor post or share any content or resources on any social media platform. Any infractions of these rules and all rules set by St. Francis Prep will result in disciplinary action as well as academic penalty.


 If you fall behind or are struggling, Please come see me as soon as possible.  :)




















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