English 11:American Literature   

                                                                                            Ms. Juliette Sidoli

                                                                                            Course Expectations

                                                                                     2020-2021 School Year (Qtrs. 1&2)


Welcome to Ms. Sidoli’s English class!!!

Teacher: Ms. Juliette Sidoli

Contact Information: [email protected]

Office: N-102 (behind the security desk near the main entrance)


Course Description: 

This year we will be studying all facets of American Literature, enjoying and exploring the various literary experiences our nation has to offer. We will explore diverse genres of poetry, short stories, novel, plays and informational texts while learning how to investigate texts for nuance and deeper analysis. We will close-read the major themes and concepts at work in English Literature, as well as the works that relate to English literature in order to question or challenge this genre.  Preparing for the New York State English Regents exam will be a primary focus through skills based writing and projects. We will create and publish our own creative work as well as complete group and individual projects.This class continues the introduction to literary genre that began freshman year. Much of what we cover will be focusing around American Literature, although international texts may be included as well. 

Since our mission at St. Francis Prep is rooted in Scripture, we will be exploring and making connections to core Franciscan values. Via class texts, discussion and self-reflection, you will ask yourself, how do I view/experience the world and myself via my relationship with God as I see God?

Required Reading:

  • Pearson: Common Core Literature-Grade 11 (Textbook)
  • Vocabulary Workbook,  Sadlier-Level F 
  • Various Genres (Short Stories, Poetry, autobiography, informational texts, etc. )
  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller
  • The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger 

   ** Texts are subject to change and additional works may be added during the year.**

Classroom Rules:

  • Respect! It all starts with RESPECT. Everyone in the class must respect one another or any other person in the classroom. Also,respect our space and, of course, yourself.
  • Every class starts with a prayer- please respect the time and space in which we do this.
  • One person speaks at a time. This helps us actively listen (Again, Respect).
  • Be prepared! Always have a pen and your notebook with you. Bring any books or materials that were assigned. You will lose participation points for being unprepared.
  • Classwork and Homework assignments MUST BE TURNED IN ON TIME! If it is not turned in on time, it is an automatic 0. 
  •  You are only to use the IPad when instructed. You are using a notebook and a pen to take your notes. If you do not have your notebook/binder, you are losing points for the day. 
  • You may use the bathroom after the mini-lesson. Please be timely. 
  • Google Meet Decorum: Cohorts that will be meeting on Google Meet for a particular day will be expected to engage in classroom appropriate behavior at all times. Students need to be visibly working on camera at all times and microphones need to be muted.
  • In adherence with state mandated Covid-19 Protocol, all students need to remain in their seats, socially distanced from one another. Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Effort is Key. A consistent effort in this class can bring you very far.
  • Take Care of yourselves. If you are becoming too stressed or discouraged with your course load, please let either myself and/or your counselor know.  I always encourage you to communicate any struggles or concerns you have in this course. 

Grading Policy: 

Your quarterly and final grade will be based on:

  • Exams
  • Quizzes (reading, vocabulary, and content-based 
  • Homework/Classwork Grade-  The purpose of homework is to enrich and review material or prepare for the next day, so it serves you to be on time. Points will be deducted for late assignments. If  there are extenuating circumstances, please let me know. Homework will always be checked and handed in at the beginning of class.. Reading homework assignments may be checked with a quiz.
  • Essays/Projectsat least 3 per quarter ( various themed essays, creative and research projects, etc.)
  • Participation: It is both necessary and required for you to bring the proper text(s) with you to class each day.  A 5 point deduction from this grade will be taken for not bringing the proper book to class, improper use of technology, not taking notes, and any classroom distractions.
  • Journal Entries: Journal entries will be completed in your notebooks/binders to be collected. At times, they will be completed 


     Late Work: 

    Classwork due at the end of class will not be accepted after the bell.

    - Late Homework assignments ( -5 points off per day)

     -Late essays/projects/assessments (-10 Per day) Homework is considered late if it is     

      not turned in at the beginning of class and will not be accepted after 1 week. 

Required Materials:

  • Spiral Notebook (2 subject with removable sheets) OR Binder (with at least 2 sections dedicated to English)
  • Folder OR Binder Pockets for Readings/Handouts
  • IPad  (fully charged, always)
  • Pens/Pencils

Staying organized will not only help you excel in this class, but it will support confidence in your work. There may be a notebook/binder check depending on the needs of your class.

How to organize your notebook: 

  • Classwork/Homework
  • Journal

Additional Matters of Importance...

Academic Dishonesty:

All instances of academic dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism will be met with serious penalties. No excuses or explanations will be accepted. If you are caught you will be with the following consequences:

  • The assignment will receive an automatic F. This grade cannot be made up and no extra credit will be given.
  • The student will receive an honor code violation. The parent(s) will be notified immediately.


  • Attendance is a priority. All students are responsible for all work, even with absences. It is a new school policy that six absences in any quarter will result in a mandatory 5-pt. deduction from your quarterly average.The absences do not include things like retreats and school trips, but they do include classes missed due to lateness and early dismissal. 
  • Students who are late for class will receive a -5 for their class participation grade per day they are late.


  • Plagiarism-presenting the words or ideas of another as if they are your own- is a serious offense and may result in a zero on the assignment in question and an honor code violation.

Electronic Devices:

  • Cell phones aren’t allowed while I am teaching. They should not be visible at all in class and put away on your bags. If having a cellphone becomes an issue, points will be deducted from your classwork grade. If a student repeatedly takes out his/her phone in class parents will be contacted and/or a referral to the dean will be made.
  • I-Pads: During the mini-lesson, discussion and any work that does not involve technology, you are to close your Ipad and place it on the desk. We all need to be fully present in class at all times.  You must follow SFP iPad policy at all times if you choose to use an iPad or any other device:

Extra Help: I am more than happy to provide extra help- please reach out if you need it. I can arrange for a time to meet to review material. 


 Teacher/Parent Course Expectation Contract


                                              .........................................RETURN THE PORTION BELOW...........................


I, ________________________, have read the classroom/course expectations and policies and will abide by all the rules and expectations explained above. 


Student Signature                                                                                                     Parent Signature

____________________________________________________                          _____________________________________________________



Return this contract next time we meet with the signatures completed. This is your first homework assignment ☺ 


I look forward to a wonderful year with you! 

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