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Spanish _____ Señora Amato                St. Francis Preparatory School


                        World Language Classroom Procedures and Requirements

  1. Report to class on time. Take your seat and immediately copy the “Aim” and “Do Now” from the board.
  2. A 3 subject notebook or binder is required for this class and a folder. One section is classwork and one section is for HW. Please come prepared with pens/pencils. No colored pens!!
  3. Homework will be given at least 4 nights a week. Homework must be dated and numbered. Missing or incomplete HW will affect your grade. HW will be reviewed in class. It is your responsibility to show me your work if were absent.  
  4. A Spanish workbook is required for this class which can be purchased in the book store. “Spanish First Year” will be used for Spanish 1 and 2. “Spanish Two Years” will be used for Spanish 3. 
  5. Exams will be announced with sufficient time for student preparation however, quizzes may be unannounced.
  6. All Students’ exams must be signed by a parent or guardian.
  7. Please do your own work. I will not tolerate cheating on HW or an exam.
  8. No eating or drinking in class.
  9. If we are not using the Ipad in class for that particular lesson the expectation is that it will be put away. 
  10.  Personal electronic devices should be put away during class time. I do not want to see your PHONE during class time. 
  11.  A passing grade is based on participation, performance on exams/quizzes/ projects and completion of HW assignments. It is imperative that you maintain a neat notebook. 




Grades will be calculated as follows:

Exams (4)/Quizzes/1 project per quarter 




Please review these rules with a parent/guardian before obtaining a signature.

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