Welcome to

             English 9 Honors!

My name is Ms. Fierst, and I am very much looking forward to being part of your journey into St. Francis Prep!  There is a great deal to learn this year involving literature, drama, short stories, and poetry.  Within these readings, we will be covering various literary terms, poetic devices, grammar rules, writing techniques, and organization strategies.  By the end of this school year, you will master writing a five-paragraph essay, as well.  My goal is to improve both your reading and writing skills so you can become effective communicators both on and off paper.

***Please email me with any questions/concerns at [email protected]***


Required Materials

Required Readings (subject to change)

  • 1 notebook for English only (preferably spiral)

  • 1 folder for English only

  • Charged iPad

  • Pen/pencil

  • Reading(s) for class


  • The House on Mango Street - Sandra Cisneros

  • Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck

  • Night - Elie Wiesel 

  • Othello - William Shakespeare

  • Excerpts from The Odyssey - Homer

  • 1 independent read

Short Stories

  • “The Most Dangerous Game”

  • “The Cask of Amontillado”

  • “The Necklace”


  • Edgar Allan Poe

  • Robert Frost

  • Robert Burns

  • Sandra Cisneros

  • Shakespearean sonnets


  • myperspectives- ELA National 9

  • Sadlier Vocabulary - Level D

Google Classroom Codes:

D period:  bh5yzz2

F period:  vlvj3lj

Google Classroom will be our primary form of communication; use the meet link on the homepage when logging on from home.

Course Policies:       

  • Behavior:  be nice.

    • Don’t overcomplicate it:  have respect for the way you present yourself, the way you present your work, and the way you interact with others.  I am always open to sharing opinions and ideas, but in this classroom, everyone must know they are valued.

  • Preparedness:  Every day you must report to class with the required materials mentioned on page one.  Failure to do so will result in a lowered class participation grade (2 points per day).

  • Cheating/plagiarism:  zero tolerance policy.  I expect the work you turn in to be graded to be your own honest work.  All students involved in a cheating/plagiarism scandal will immediately be given a zero on the corresponding assignment, and will be subjected to the consequential disciplinary action resulting from an Honor Code violation (see “Rules/General Info” on SFP website for more info).  There is absolutely no shame in asking me for help or to clarify any confusion you have on an assignment/exam.

  • Absences:  it is the absent student’s responsibility to pick up any missing work upon his/her return and bring it completed to class the next school day he/she is present.  Please email me or a classmate to receive the necessary materials, and check Google Classroom for updates.  If you are caught cutting class, you will receive an automatic zero on that day’s assignments, tests, or activities with no opportunity for make-ups.  It is also a SFP policy that six or more absences per quarter will result in a five-point deduction from your quarterly average, so be mindful of this.

  • Grading:  Your final grade this year will stem from a combination of quizzes, exams, formal writing assignments, creative writing assignments, homework, and class participation.  There is no final and no Regents:  the English Regents is in 11th grade.

    • I use the “total points” system:  point value per assignment may vary anywhere between 5-100 points, and you will always be made aware of how much an assignment is worth in advance.  PowerSchool will automatically produce your class average as grades are entered.  You and your parents are responsible for logging on to check your progress.

    • 5 Points will be deducted for each day an assignment is turned in late, unless there are extenuating circumstances.  If you have a legitimate issue with a due date, please speak with/email me at least 24 hours before that date.

    • Class participation is a general category that encompasses your attitude/behavior in class, how well you are prepared, and the effort put into your work.  Once you lose participation points, they are gone for good.  You will begin each quarter with 100 participation points, so try to keep it that way!

  • Collaboration:  let me help you.  My aim is for this classroom to be a place where you feel secure, confident, and curious.  Please never hesitate to come to me with ideas and questions about school and beyond.

  • Technology:  we are all in uncharted territory entering this new school year, and we will be more dependent on technology than ever before.  With that technology comes responsibility, so take it seriously.  The Acceptable Use Policy applies both in school and home with your iPads, computers, cell phones, etc.:

    • Do not use any device to record, transmit, or post photos or videos of a person or persons on campus without their express permission.

    • Understand that SFP reserves the right to inspect a student’s personal device if there is reason to believe that the student has violated SFP policies, administrative procedures, or school rules or has engaged in other misconduct while using a personal device.

~ Let us foster the Franciscan traditions of peace, love and respect this year and always ~