Course Requirements
Senior English - DRAMA -  2018-2019, Mrs. Rehill
 Welcome to Senior Year!

 I hope you had a great summer and that you are ready for this school year.  This Senior 2 semester course examines representative plays of Western drama from its beginnings in ancient Greece through the Renaissance to the contemporary theater of the United States and England. The approach is historical and thematic. The course includes a study of major playwrights including Sophocles, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Beckett, Pirandello, O'Neill, Miller, Williams, and Stoppard.   Students focus on how philosophical, political, moral, and cultural attitudes shape each playwright's vision. Issues we consider include drama as text and performance, stagecraft, playwriting, and theater and film criticism.    
 Below, you will find the majority of information you will need to know to be successful in my class this year.  You will find both my behavioral and academic expectations. Should you follow these guidelines, you will see that your achievements are entirely in your hands.  And I am always here to help should you have any questions because I want you to do well!
 Please share this information with your parents or guardians so they understand what is expected of you as well.

 SUPPLIES needed by Monday, September 10, 2018:
 iPad (always fully charged and ready to be used)
A notebook or loose-leaf binder dedicated ONLY to English.
Pens - Blue or Black
A folder just for English
Sufficient loose-leaf paper (this is your responsibility to keep replenished during the year)
Access to a computer with internet and a printer (It is the student's responsibility to check daily assignments online, upload papers, and occasionally print their typed assignments.)

1.       You are expected to be in your seat, ready for class ON TIME, in complete uniform, with the proper materials needed for that day, and all your homework assignments completed, neat, and ready for review.
2.       You must justify absences with an appropriate pass or note, and all planned absences must be announced AHEAD of time. Planned or expected absences, including half-day "absences," do not excuse you from getting, completing, or handing in assignments! Work missed due to illness must be made up at the first available opportunity, which is usually the day you return, and it is your job to ask me about that!
3. If you are absent from my class 6 or more days in a quarter, SFP policy is that you will be deducted 5 points from your quarterly average.  

5.       Any form of misbehavior such as disrespect, lateness, or cheating (including plagiarism, copying homework, or stealing answers for tests/quizzes) will NOT be tolerated. Cheating will result in a zero on that assignment.  
6.       While I encourage the use of e-books and iPads in class, they must be used responsibly.  If you fail to use these electronic devices for academic purposes only, you will NOT be allowed to continue using them in my classroom.  Cell phones are NOT permitted at any time.
7.       We will be using Google Classroom.  This is an interactive app that allows me to post homework assignments, documents, etc.  In turn, you can send me any questions you may have.  You are required to check it daily to stay informed.  I will explain more on how to connect in class.
8.       Respect is THE MOST important guideline I have.  I expect you to show respect for yourself, your classmates, the school and me.  My classroom is a safe place to learn from each other through the sharing of ideas and keeping an open mind.   Bad attitudes, hurtful comments, and any form of disrespect to me or your fellow students will NOT be tolerated.  Your insights and opinions are welcome in my classroom, but please voice them while respecting those around you. :

Writing Assignments: You will have at least 2 writing assignments per quarter.  Worth 300-400 points
 Tests: You will have unit tests based on your notes and the reading.  They will include questions that test your knowledge of the reading as well as critical analysis writing. Worth 300-400 points
Classwork/Homework/Participation/Preparedness:  Be prepared, have your homework, participate, and work hard during class.  Worth100 points a quarter.  Everyone starts with 100.  If you do not have homework, are unprepared, or contribute to the disruption of class, points will be deducted.  

Socratic Seminars and group projects:  You will have a Socratic Seminar for most major works.  This is a class-run discussion where I evaluate the class based on your insights.  You may also have a large group project.  Worth 200-300 pts.

Independent Reading: You will be responsible for reading books outside of our syllabus.  This will be assessed.  Worth 100 points

Required Reading:
"      Possible full-length works for discussion (This list may change during the year.  You are responsible for purchasing the novels on your iPads, or obtaining a hard copy from a bookstore,, or the library. Some may appear in your textbook.  I will give ample notice when they are due in class.)
Oedipus                                        Hamlet                               A Streetcar Named Desire
Twelve Angry Men                   A Raisin in the Sun                  Fences
Glengarry Glen Ross               God of Carnage                     Rabbit Hole          
  A significant selection of prose fiction, non-fiction, and poetry will be included to enhance the foundational required drama selections and knowledge of literary terms.  .