Syllabus ~ College-Level, World Literature Honors Course ~ 2019-20 ~ Dr. Lorenz

Accredited by St. Francis College

Required Works

  • Texts posted on our course webpage.
  • Several longer works that students may be required to purchase or borrow from a library in hard copy form.

Required Materials

Students are required to bring the following materials to class every day:

  • EITHER a notebook (section) with perforated sheets and folders that you will use exclusively for English class OR a binder (section) with looseleaf paper and folders that you will use exclusively for English class.  (I will often tell you to take out of a piece of paper for whatever we are doing; don't be the kind of person who always has to ask a better prepared student for what you should have yourself.)
  • Pens and pencils.
  • The required text(s) for the day.

Course Description

This course represents an early beginning to your college experience. Accredited by St. Francis College, this World Literature Honors course offers you the option to receive college credit provided that you fill out the required forms at guidance, make the required payments and attain the required grade. 

(If you are interested in the college credit option, click "Students" on the SFP homepage, then click "College Credit" and read the relevant information.  See Ms. Williams or Ms. Forte to register and ask any questions that you may have.)  

Remember, however, that this is considered a college-level course whether you elect to pursue the college credit option or not. Like most college courses, it demands of you a greater level of achievement than your earlier high school courses have. 

Course Policies

Assignments:  Homework and classwork assignments should be neat, presented with the proper heading (name and assignment title inside the left margin, class period and date inside the right margin) and handed in on time. These assignments will typically range from 10 to 50 points. Late assignments will result in a deduction of 5 points for each day the assignment is late. If an assignment is due while you are absent, paste it into the body of an email and send it to me at by the date when it is due. Then give me a hard copy upon your return. 

Course Attendance Policy:  Students who are absent from more than 2 classes in one quarter will lose points on this course's classwork grade. (Continue reading for an explanation of the classwork grade.)  

Classwork Grade:  Students receive a classwork grade worth 100 points for each quarter.  Absence (after the first two absences per quarter), lateness, unpreparedness, cell phone use, misuse of technology, sleeping in class, and other inappropriate classroom behavior will result in a deduction of points from this grade (typically 5 points per offense, sometimes more).  Repeated offenses may result in larger point deductions and/or disciplinary action. Should a student cut class, the student will automatically lose 50 points on this classwork grade; any exam, quiz or assignment collected that day will also receive a zero.  

Makeups:  Students who are absent from class are responsible for making up all work missed during their absence, including homework, planned quizzes and exams. Students absent on the day of an exam or planned quiz must be prepared to make it up on the day of their return.  It is the student’s responsibility to approach me about making up a missed quiz or exam. If you do not make up the quiz or test at the required time, you will receive a zero. If an assignment is due while you are absent, paste it into the body of an email and send it to me at by the date when it is due. Then give me a hard copy upon your return. 

Course Webpage and MySFP:  Major assignments and exams will be posted in advance on our course webpage on the SFP website.  To access the course webpage, click "Students," then click "English," then find the "World Literature Honors" course and click "Dr. Lorenz."  Students are responsible for checking this website daily for updates and therefore will not be reminded by the teacher to complete any missed work. Students are also required to sign up for the course on MySFP so that they can receive emails from me about the course.  Parents are strongly encouraged to frequently check this website as well, as it is the best way to remain informed about what students are doing in English class.

Grades:  Students will be graded on the total points system, meaning that each assignments is weighted according to its significance.  A 100-point grade will have a much larger impact on your grade than a 10-point grade. Though this varies from quarter to quarter, each student's quarterly grade typically consists of approximately 350 or 400 points, divided among several types of assessment:  an argumentative essay (100 points), reading quizzes and tests (100-200 points), presentations or projects (50-100 points), homework (50-100 points), and the quarterly classwork grade (100 points). Students and parents should remember that a failing grade on a major assessment (a 100-point essay, a 100-point test, a 100-point classwork grade, etc.) can dramatically affect a quarterly average, often resulting in failure.  Since each grade is calculated by adding up the total points the student earns and dividing it by the total points possible, each grade is important, but 100-point assessments are especially important. 

Class Participation:  Class participation will be taken into consideration at grading time and may offer the addition of 1-3 extra credit points per quarter. This is sometimes the only extra credit that will be offered over the course of the quarter.  Contribute to our daily class discussions, and you will be rewarded.