Sociology - Course Requirements 

Mrs. Monica Robertson 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Office:  West Middle Lobby 

Tel.:  718-423-8810       ext. 236 

Firstly, let me welcome you to Sociology. This year promises to be a productive and exciting one for each and every member of this class. Sociology is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. In this course I expect you to be an active learner. What does that mean for you? It means that you need to take responsibility for your own learning. Doing so in this class requires you to follow these rules:

1.   You will be prepared for every class. That includes bringing something to write in (a notebook or a binder, not your iPad) AND something with which to write. 

2.   You will limit distractions, which remove your attention from your classroom responsibilities. This includes, but is not limited to, speaking with classmates when you are not supposed to, completing outside work while in class, and using your cell phones, tablets, laptops, or any other electronics which is not being utilized by the class through teacher instruction. 

3.   You will be on time to each and every class. This means that even if you have class on East Top, you will be prepared and in class by the time the late bell rings. If for some reason your previous teacher needed to speak with you, which does happen from time to time, you will be expected to have a note and I will be checking with that teacher to make sure that this was the reason for your lateness. 

4.   You will participate in every class. Don’t worry, if you are quiet, this doesn’t mean you won’t receive full credit in this class. Participation is much more than raising your hand when in class. It means that you are a ready, willing, and insightful learner. When you are assigned various tasks, either in class or at home, you complete them. Remember that class is much more interesting when you have a chance to listen and respectfully share opinions with one another. Sharing when asked to allows us to do this. 

5.  You will hand in assignments when they are due. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR FULL CREDIT! If you were absent, or for another VALID reason, you were not in class, you may hand in your assignment at our next class meeting. As your teacher, I completely understand that you have many obligations, both in school and at home, therefore you will not be inundated with assignments. However, you will be given a variety of assignments that will complement what we are learning in class. They are meant to aid you in the learning process and to help me assess you in your learning. Completing them is necessary for you to succeed in this class. If exams or quizzes are missed it is your obligation to make it up. You must come to me and arrange a time to complete them. 

6.  Absenteeism Policy Class attendance at St. Francis Prep is a major priority. All students are required to complete all required work even if they are absent.  If a student is absent from class 6 or more times for any given quarter, this will be considered excessive absence. This will result in a mandatory 5 point deduction from the quarterly grade. Please be advised classes missed due to lateness or early dismissal will be included in this group. 

**Please note that attendance is always taken and you are always to provide appropriate passes for any absence from class. 

7.   If you have questions or concerns about your work, please come speak with me so that we can find a solution that works to meet the requirements of this course. It is my goal that each of you succeed. Working together, we can resolve any confusion you may have. 

8.  When given reading assignments you will complete them. This may sound redundant, or repetitive (see #4,) but this is a College Preparatory school. It is my job to prepare you for college and beyond. Most college assignments involve at home reading, as some pieces are not covered in class (there is a lot of material and not a lot of class time) and you are expected to know it for your exams. So, in order to prepare for this you will be asked to do reading at home and PRIOR to attending the next class. 

9.  You always respect the rights, opinions and statements of your classmates. Respect is the foundation of a healthy and productive classroom. Just because someone has an alternate view from you does not mean that they are wrong. It also does not mean that you are right. If you keep respect primary, you will learn much more. 

10.  The Honor Code of St. Francis Preparatory School will always be followed. Any cheating, plagiarism or dishonesty on assignments will not be tolerated and will result in a failure on that assignment and will be taken directly to the Deans’ Office. Honesty truly is the best policy. 

11.   You will only use electronic devices when instructed by the teacher, otherwise they are strictly prohibited. If your cell phone or any other device goes off while in class it distracts other students and your grade will be negatively impacted upon for doing so. Each infraction will incur a five (5) point deduction from your participation grade.

12. Absences do not excuse classwork, assignments or exams. In case of absence, it is your responsibility to make up all classwork/exams/quizzes and submit all assignments that are due in the appropriate timeframe discussed by the teacher. Until assignments/exams are completed, a zero will be placed into PowerSchool. There are no exceptions


Your grade will be based on a total points system. This means that each assignment will be allotted a certain amount of points, all of these points will add up to your total point grade. For example if you are given three (3) tests in a quarter, there is the opportunity to earn up to 300 points in this section. If you score a 90 on your first test, an 84 on your second and a 93 on your third you would earn a 267/300. To find out what that means percentage-wise, simply divide your score by the total score 267/300= 89%.

You will be given the following assessments during the course of each quarter:

Projects – 100 points each 

Quizzes (both announced and pop) – various point assignments 

Homework – 10-20 points each 

Essays/DBQ – 100 points each 

Participation – 25 points – this is given to students and points may be deducted based on lack of participation and neglect of class rules.  If you are caught using your phone or iPad at a time when you are not directed to do so 5 points will be deducted automatically. No more than 5 points will be deducted at any given time. 

All assignments, excluding homework and pop quizzes, will be assigned with plenty of time to complete or prepare for its completion.

Important Notes 

1.       This is a Catholic and Franciscan school. You are expected to treat one another as you would like to be treated. Use Christ and St. Francis as your shining example of how to conduct yourself. 

2.       Please note that using iPads in the classroom will occur from time to time. They are to be used for appropriate classroom work when instructed. They are never to be used for any type of recording or photography in this classroom. Notes may NOT be taken on your iPad unless otherwise instructed, as it is essential that you are able to utilize technology, but also be able to build upon your own personal skills. 

3.       Graded assignments will be returned to you as quickly as possible. I give each assignment the time and consideration it deserves and therefore not all assessments will be returned the next day, but they will be returned to you in a prompt and timely matter. 

4.       Have fun learning and don’t be scared of history. You wouldn’t be here without it. =-) 

I, ______________________________, understand the syllabus for this Sociology Course. I agree to abide by all rules, regulations and procedures. Any violation of these rules, regulations and procedures can result in a call home to your parent or guardian, a meeting with or involvement of the Dean.