• British Literature

 10th Grade 2018-2019

Course Expectations


Welcome to Ms. Iannicelli’s English class!



Teacher: Ms. Iannicelli 

Contact Information[email protected]

Office: N-102 (behind the security desk near the main entrance)


Course Description: 

This year we will be studying all facets of British Literature, from novels to short stories to poetry! We will create and publish our own work as well as complete group and individual projects. We will close-read the major themes and concepts at work in English Literature, as well as the works that relate to English literature in order to question or challenge this genre. This class continues the introduction to literary genre that began freshman year. Much of what we cover will be focusing around British Literature, although other national texts may be included as well.


Required Reading:

·       Pearson The British Tradition (e-text)

·       Sadler-Oxford’s Vocabulary Workshop: Level E (e-text) Costs $13 dollars to access. You must bring $13 dollars to the bookstore and bring me the receipt.

·       Lord of the Flies by William Golding

·       Macbeth by William Shakespeare

·       Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

·       The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

·     Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

·       Various works of fiction by authors from other nations, independently and as a class

·       Various non-fiction works 

·       One other text will be included if time permits!


Classroom Rules:

  • Respect! Everyone in the class must respect one another or any other person in the classroom. If any visitor comes in, I expect you to respect them as well. Also, respect our space and, of course, yourself.
  • One person speaks at a time.
  • Homework and assignments MUST BE TURNED IN ON TIME! If it is not turned in on time, it is an automatic 0. This purpose of homework is to enrich and review material or prepare for the next day, so it serves to purpose if it is late. All other assignments will lose points if they are turned in late. Of course, if there are outstanding circumstances, we will work it out together. Never feel uncomfortable approaching me about anything! I am here for all of you. Homework will always be checked and handed in. Reading homework assignments may be checked with a quiz.
  •    Be prepared! Always have a pen and your binder with you. Bring any books or materials that were assigned. You will lose participation points for being unprepared.
  •  You are only to use the Ipad when I tell you to. Otherwise, you are using a notebook and a pen to take your notes. If you do not have your notebook, you are losing points for the day. 
  • You can use the bathroom at the beginning of class. You are NOT allowed to leave during class unless it is an absolute emergency. 


Grading Policy: 

Homework (25%): Completing homework assignments is crucial to your success in this class. The assignments are to prepare you for the next class or will be an assessment of what you just learned. Homework will NOT be assigned every class; some assignments will be in class but may be required to finish on your free time.


Assessments (25%): Assessments are a way to test a student’s understanding of the units’ work. Assessments consist of unit tests, essays, projects, and in-class inquiry projects. You will be given a weeks notice before any unit tests. Quizzes can be both announced and unannounced. Projects that are given in class will be explained fully with an accompanying rubric with expectations. 


Classwork (25%): Classwork consists of any work that is done during class. Students can always be given a class grade based on the behavior rubric. If you are absent for class you MUST provide a note from a parent or guardian. Students who do not provide a note will receive a grade of a 0 for the in-class assignment.  Daily assignments expectations will be discussed in class. Do not be afraid to ask questions.


Participation (25%): Be prepared. Come to class on time. Bring any books or materials that were assigned, as well. You will lose participation points if you are unprepared. Textbooks will be provided in class. Your IPad as well as your binder should be with you every class- no excuses!  


Required Materials:

·       Notebook (5 subject)

·       IPad  (fully charged, always)

·       Pens 

·       Pencils

·       Folder

Why a binder? This will only benefit you. I like to give out a lot of handouts and even daily agendas. Staying organized is imperative to excel in the class. Depending on the class as a whole, there may be a notebook check. 

How to organize your notebook: 

Group Work

*Your complete organized notebooks will not be checked until the second week of school. 


Other important things…


Academic Dishonesty:

All instances of academic dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism will be met with severe penalties. No excuses or explanations will be accepted. If you are caught you will be with the following consequences:

·       The assignment will receive an automatic F. This grade cannot be made up and no extra credit will be given.

·       The student will receive an honor code violation. The parent(s) will be notified immediately.


  • Attendance is a priority. All students are responsible for work, even with absences. It is a new school policy that six absences in any quarter will result in a mandatory 5-pt. deduction from your quarterly average. These absences do not include things like retreats and school trips, but they do not include classes missed due to lateness and early dismissal. 


·       Plagiarism-presenting the words or ideas of another as if they are your own- is a serious offense and may result in a zero on the assignment in question and an honor code violation.

Electronic Devices:

·       Cellphones aren’t allowed while I am teaching. If I don’t see them, then there isn’t an issue. Just put them away in your bag during my class. If having a cellphone becomes an issue, points will be deducted from your classwork grade. Most of the time, I wont even call you out in front of the entire class. If you can see me clearly, I can see you just as good. So, I will make a note you were on your cellphone that day and deduct points.

Extra Help:

·       Extra help is ALWAYS available! If you need extra help we can arrange for a time to meet. 

Year Long Portfolio:

·       This year you will be creating a personal portfolio. This will include lots of different pieces of work. It may include group work, personal writing, poetry, creative assignments, projects, etc. These portfolio assignments will count significantly toward your project and classwork grades. 


________________________RETURN THE PORTION BELOW______________________


I, ________________________, have read the classroom/course expectations and policies and will abide by all the rules and expectations explained above. 


Student Signature                                                                                    Parent Signature


___________________________                                         __________________________


Return this contract next time we meet with the signatures completed. This is your first homework assignment J 


I look forward to a great year with you!