Course Requirements

St. Francis Preparatory School                                                      Teacher: Mr. J. LaRocca

Course Title: Biology- The Living Environment                          Email: [email protected]

Textbook: Miller & Levine Biology, Pearson  - 2017 (electronic)

Course Objective: Students will develop an understanding of concepts related to biology in preparation for the NYS Living Environment Regents Examination and will develop the ability to apply these science concepts in the classroom, in the laboratory, and in life.

Required Supplies:

1. Goggles:  $5 - to be purchased in class when told they are available

2. Pencils and pens (blue or black ink only)      

3. Fully charged iPad brought to class daily


Class Rules and Gudelines:

    1. Respect: Foremost, we are to respect our teacher, our peers, and ourselves.  All rules posted in the school calendar must be followed.
    2. Preparedness/Materials: All students are to be seated in their seats, prepared with all required supplies, and ready to work when the bell rings. Failure to do so will result in a grade deduction. Lateness to class will result in detention.  Check Google Classroom daily!
    3.  Cutting: Cutting classes will not be tolerated and will be subject to a significant grade deduction and parent notification; there are NO exceptions to this rule.
    4. Disruptions/Distractions: Disruptions to the class, violation of the SFP dress code, or possession of cell phones or other potentially distracting devices during class may result in detention, grade deductions, or further disciplinary action.
    5. Laboratory Work and Conduct: Laboratory work is an integral part of any science course and will give you the chance to develop new and valuable analytical and technical skills.  Further, appropriate conduct is imperative in the laboratory in order to maintain a safe learning environment; thusly, it will weigh heavily in determining one’s lab grade. No food drinks, or any other items, which may pose a dangerous situation, are permitted in the lab area. Material covered in the lab will be included in tests and quizzes. Lab reports will consist of the following sections: title page, abstract, introduction (purpose, theory, and hypothesis), methods (materials and procedure), results (data and calculations), analysis, and discussion. APA format with in-text citations are also required when composing a report. Late lab reports will suffer an automatic 45% percent deduction. Labs submitted after the end of the quarter will be given a grade of zero; however, they may garner Regents credit if acceptable and original work is done. Most labs will be submitted electronically via TURNITIN.COM or they will not receive credit.
    6. Absenteeism and Assignments: Class attendance at St. Francis Prep is a major priority. All students are required to complete all required work even if they are absent.  Students who are absent require a pass.  Class work and homework are due on announced dates; late homework assignments will NOT be accepted for credit.  If you are absent from class, you are still responsible for all assignments due, missed class work, exams, and/ or lab work.  Please make every effort to be present. If a student is absent without legitimate documentation during an exam, he or she will be given a zero if arrangements to make it up in a timely manner are not made.  Excessive, unexcused student absence may result in further academic consequences.
    7. Extra Help: Please keep in mind that extra help will be readily available to all students in need. It is the student’s responsibility to seek help and inform the teacher that he or she will be attending and whether it will be remote or in person. 
    8. Electronic Devices:  Responsible use of this technology is mandatory.  Mr. LaRocca must approve the use of any electronic device used in class or lab. Under NO circumstances may a student wrongfully use video content streamed by the teacher or photograph or take a video of the teacher without his knowledge and consent. The school's iPad and electronic device policy is stated in the student agenda book as well as the school calendar. Any violation of the policy or inappropriate use will automatically result in serious academic/disciplinary action.
    9. Honor Code: You are expected to adhere to all the provisions listed in the Honor Code. Cheating in any manner is a serious infraction and will not be tolerated. Anyone in violation of the Honor Code is subject to severe academic consequences as outlined in the school calendar.
    10. Communication: E-mail/Google Classroom are very convenient methods of contact; however, please allow a reasonable time for a response especially when sending e-mails late at night or on weekends.  Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to take advantage of PowerSchool’s parent portal and may call the science or request a meeting if email does not suffice.  Please note that Google Classroom (NOT the school webpage) will be the primary means by which assignments and class announcements will be conveyed and the only method for remote students to view Google Meets of daily lessons.  Parents/guardians must be aware of this.
    11. When  you are learning remotely, you are expected to be signed into Google Classroom, join our class meeting with your device camera ON,  in uniform, and prepared for class.  Please keep your microphone muted at all times unless asked to unmute by the teacher.  You may use the "chat" feature for questions.


Course Grading  policy - Each quarter counts as 22.5% of the final grade; Living Environment Regents Exam comprises the remaining 10%.                                

Quarterly Grade Breakdown:

  • Exams/Quizzes- (30%)                   
  • Laboratory Reports – (30%)
  • Class work/homework- (35%)
  • Preparedness- (5%)                                                 * (Please sign but DO NOT detach)

          I agree and understand that it is my responsibility to satisfy the requirements and abide by the set of rules to complete the course successfully. I have also shared this information with my parent/guardian as well.

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