Studio Art I

Mr. Duplessis


            This course fulfills 1/4 credit requirement toward the state requirement of 1 Fine Art credit. This course is designed to teach you the history and foundations of Visual Arts. You will experience a variety of materials and mediums that will take you from representational to more abstract expressions. We will learn about the lives of various artists and discover the sources of their inspiration. All projects are based on the Elements of Art. (Line, Shape, Value, Color, Form, Space, Texture).



 Projects are evaluated on design (the understanding of the project), craft (the physical product), and concept (idea behind the project). Leading up to each project is a variety of homework assignments including, sketches, research, supply gathering and written assignments. All projects and homework must be submitted in a specified manner and on time. Tests, classroom participation, attendance, preparation, and attitude toward the class, requirements, instructor, and fellow students also evaluate students. 

Please note…..

Late homework is downgraded 10 points per day late.

*Students are responsible for homework, projects and class work missed when absent.

*Projects are downgraded one letter grade per day late until the fourth class, when a project is no longer acceptable.

* Students are responsible to check e-mails and Google Classroom daily.

* Parents/guardians are responsible to register and check Power School.

*Power School is updated on a frequent basis. Students and parents have one week, from when a grade is posted, to discuss that grade. If more than one week passes the posted grade remains and cannot be changed. 



  • All the rules of St. Francis Prep are as published in the school calendar apply to this class. This includes dress code, lateness, absences and the honor code.       

Rule 1: Attendance and Lateness

Once the bell sounds you are not permitted to leave the room for any reason unless, permission is granted by the teacher. Do not ask the teacher for permission to go to your locker - the answer will always be no.

  • When the bell sounds for the completion of class no one is to leave their seats until the instructor dismisses the class.


  • When the bell sounds for the completion of class no one is to leave their seats until the instructor dismisses the class.

Rule 2: Respect

  • RESPECT is a major rule in this course. You must have respect for your overall work in appearance and attitude. You must also have respect for your fellow students and the instructor. Plus a respect for the classroom.
  • Classrooms must be clean from all materials and garbage before class will be dismissed. There is to be no mistreatment or vandalizing to the classroom, furniture, equipment and materials. 

Rule 3: Electronic Devices

  • iPads are permitted in the classroom. On task classroom usage is allowed. Research, computer art programs, and programming assignments are required.Students are required to be on task with their electronic devices – off task misusage is not permitted. Texting, music and games are not allowed. Failure to follow school policy results in detentions. Please see school calendar for cell phone rules and procedures. If a cell phone is visible or in use for a non related classroom activity, the following actions will take place - see Rule Breaking Procedure below.
  • *You may use an iPad to take class notes.


  • DO NOT come into class with any type of listening device in EITHER EAR, or use any type of listening device during the class period. The first time I see this behavior I will mention it to you, the second time you will be written up for a rule infraction. Also, attempting to hide them under your hair or headband is both dishonest and disrespectful, and will be handled as such.

Rule Breaking Procedure

The rules are in place to ensure the productivity and safety of the students. A strict policy is enforced by Mr. Duplessis if a student breaks a rule.

1. First offence - a verbal warning

2. Second offence - student will speak to Mr. Duplessis after class

3. Third offence - a phone call home and detention

4. Fourth offence - a meeting with the dean and or parents.


Projects are graded on a scale of 1- 100

Quarter grades are determined by:



*Percentages may change each quarter depending on the weight of each task.


Final grade is determined by:



Homework and class work grades are determined by:

100%  = excellent and all homework completed.

75%  = satisfactory

50% = poor, half of the homework completed.

25%    = one quarter of the homework completed.

0%   =  missing homework


Communication with Parents and Students

Power School - Parents and students must register with Power School to keep track of student grades and progress.  Please check grades on a regular basis, at least once a week.

Meetings - Mr. Duplessis is available to students for a one on one meeting to discuss grades and progress at anytime throughout the semester. Please see or e-mail Mr. Duplessis to schedule an appointment.

Class Web Site-This class has its own page on the St. Francis Prep Web site, as well as our Google Classroom.I update the Classroom with homework assignments, extra credit opportunities, and class information. Course outlines are available to view on the school website. 

E-Mail  - Parents and students are welcome to e-mail Mr. Duplessis at any time regarding issues with this class.  This is an excellent way for parents and students to check up on grades and missing assignments.  [email protected]

Phone Calls - If any problems occur throughout the semester, feel free to speak with Mr. Duplessis. (718)423-8810 ext. 218. Please e-mail Mr. Duplessis to request a phone call. Mr. Duplessis will call you as soon as possible.

*If you have any questions regarding this outline please contact Mr. Duplessis at extension #218 or [email protected].

Web Site

To reach your class web site go to…


2. Students

3. Art

4. Name of teacher (Duplessis)

5. Name of class (Studio in Art I)


Google Classroom code is available upon request (it has also been emailed to you). 


Classroom Policy – Late Work

Parents and students please review the following classroom policy….

Late homework is downgraded 10 points per day late. Homework must be submitted on time and in the specified manner for credit. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of assignments and grades.


  1. If a student is absent, homework must be submitted the first artclass session the student returns to school. Students may leave homework in Mr. Duplessis’s mailbox in the faculty room. If you check the class web site and do not understand the homework, phone a classmate, e-mail your teacher and do the homework to the best of your ability.


2.    If for some reason a situation occurs in which an extension is needed, such as an illness, parents/guardians must contact Mr. Duplessis ( or phone SFP ext 218) and accompany late assignment with a doctor’s note and explanation. Please do this in a timely fashion.

  1. If a student is going on a vacation or will be out of school for a few days, speak to Mr. Duplessis ahead of time for missing assignments. Please do this in a timely fashion.


An absence is no excuse for missing work. If you are absent be sure to

  • check the Google Classroom
  • text a classmate
  • call or e-mail Mr. Duplessis 



Projects are accepted late. They are downgraded one full letter grade, per day late (note = per day not per class session – includes drop out days!). On the fourth day, the project may no longer receive a passing grade  (75-). On the fifth day, the project is unacceptable (0).

If any problems occur throughout the semester, be sure to speak with Mr. Duplessis.

You may e-mail me any time regarding issues pertaining to this class. This is an excellent way for parents and students to check up on grades and missing assignments.


BLICK Art Materials has packaged all of your supplies into a kit, which will be available for purchase in school Tuesday 9/21, or Wednesday the 22nd, Thursday the 23rd. I will inform each class whether I will be bringing them to the sale during class or if they will have to go on their own at some point during those days. 

The price for your kit is: $40.18

*Additional supplies/materials WILL be assigned and required at various times throughout the term.

It is the student's responsibility to contact my office at extension #218, or see me after class to schedule an appointment to discuss grades or any other issue regarding the class.

I have read and understand this course outline.

Signature of Parent/Guardian                        Signature of Student

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*If you have any questions regarding this outline please contact Mr. Duplessis at extension #218.

*Parents and students may email Mr. Duplessis at any time regarding questions pertaining to this class.