Music 2610 Music Technology and Production

***Course Outline/Syllabus***

2019-20 Academic Year-

Music 2610 is designed as an introductory course that will familiarize the enrollees with the common and current practices used in the contemporary recording industry.

This half year/one semester course will meet on Mondays or Wednesdays depending upon what section you're enrolled, during X period beginning promptly at 3p.m in room E001A.  Students are required to attend ALL classes within the semester, as the majority of work for the course will be done in the classroom. Students will have to familiarize themselves with the concepts of audio technology, signal chains, common recording formats, MIDI in formation and DAW software programs such as Logic and Pro-Tools.  Audio workstations will be available for the students enrolled in the course throughout the day in the computer lab.

Grades will be given based upon the student’s attendance and lateness record, daily progress and participation in class demonstrations and lectures, as well as the successful completion of coursework including a final project to be completed by the close of the semester in which the student is enrolled.  The student’s grade will be obtained using the following breakdown.

30%class attendance and participation. One unexcused absence automatically drops the student’s final grade by five points, and two lateness’ will be counted as  one absence. 

30%for the successful completion of daily assignments and coursework.

20% for the completion of projects and assignments.

20% for the final project.

*Students will be required to obtain and bring to each class.

One set of studio grade over the ear headphones.  No ear-buds will be allowed or tolerated for use in this class, and a USB flash drive to copy course materials and projects from various computers in the iMac lab.